Roofing Installation & Repairs

Roofing Installation & Repairs
JMF provides roofing services for both commercial businesses and HOAs. Our technicians are qualified with the skills and experience to help you build, design, and repair roofs. JMF helps clients meet fire codes, as well as ensuring every step of the process meets high material standards and installation procedures.
Roofing Installation & Repairs
Roofing Installation & Repairs

Roofing Installation & Repairs Process with JMF

JMF provides clients with the highest quality and convenient roofing services in the LA and OC Area. Our clients are able focus on their business while we handle the rest. We work to minimize the impact construction has on your business.

JMF helps commercial businesses and HOAs meet government standards for roofs. As an experienced company we will gain the proper permits and documentation to fix and certify your roof.

Roofing should always be completed by a licensed contractor due to the safety and impact a roof has on an environment. The complexity of roofing projects require the necessary skills, experience, safety practices, and knowledge to ensure the safety of the workplace or community.

JMF Commercial Construction is a licensed general contractor and has completed many roofing projects over the past 20 years. We will help increase the value, security, and presentation of your commercial business or HOA

Roofing Installation & Repair Services
  • Full service repairs
  • Installation of roofing systems
  • Roof inspections and evaluations
  • Roof Installation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Dry rot removal and repairs
  • Roofing estimates

If your an commercial business and are interested in learning laws regarding roofing regulations, then click here.

If your an HOA and are interested in learning more information about different types of roofs, them click here.

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*JMF Commercial Construction charges for roofing estimates due to the amount of effort and complexity of roofing projects. These estimates are charged to ensure a thorough and accurate estimate than our competitors provide. In return, this ensures our clients are receiving the highest quality service and end product that meets your needs.