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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Manufacturing & Warehouse

JMF helps manufacturing and warehouses improve operations and safety with repairs, maintenance, remodeling, & renovations for the LA and OC area. Free estimate

Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Installation of manufacturing equipment and material handling infrastructure

We create the infrastructure needed for new equipment including footings, structural steel, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire sprinklers.

ADA Compliance

JMF provides a wide variety of ADA upgrades such as: parking lots, restrooms, reception, office areas, ramps, walkways, handrails, detectable markers, accessible doors, and signage.

Security upgrades

JMF provides new security fencing & gates, barriers & security gate arms, door/frame replacement, security lighting and utility infrastructure for other security needs.

Loading dock repair and upgrades

JMF povides loading dock security & improvements to include concrete or masonry repairs/replacement, guardrails, barriers, steel roll up doors and docking seals.

Maintenance - roofing, lighting, mechanical, and site repairs

We provide re-roofing or roof repairs. As well as new area & security lighting with site repairs. Which include security fencing, concrete drive, or walkways, parking solutions and wood, concrete, & steel structural repairs.

Personnel Environment, health & safety improvements

Our services include: restroom & break room renovations, lighting & HVAC improvements, directories & signage, access & egress improvements including ADA compliance.

Remodeling and Renovation
The manufacturing and warehouse industry is expanding due to the rise of eCommerce. Improve your logistics and operational efficiency by remodeling or renovating your facility today!

Improved Workplace

Ultimately, with remodeling or renovation you can improve the efficiency of the workplace. For example, your company will have the opportunity to add, change, or upgrade structures.

Property Expansion

If the industry and consumer demand is expanding, then so should your facility. Remodeling provides our clients with the opportunity to expand their capabilities in providing goods and services.

Decrease employee turnover and alleviate labor shortage

As a result of an improved work place, employee morale and productivity will increase. Happy employees will be less likely to leave and more productive in their work.

Reduced maintenance and repairs

If you upgrade your facility with new structures, equipment, and etc. then their will be less repairs and maintenance required. Generally, newer products and structures are prone to last longer than old and used ones.

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