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About Us

Commercial construction

About US

Our Vision: is to ensure every business has the opportunity of experiencing peace at mind, while receiving construction services.

Our Mission: is to provide businesses the most compelling construction experience possible.

JMF Commercial Construction was founded in 1999, by Jay Fontenot. The company’s legal name is JMF Construction Management Inc. However, the company does business under the JMF Commercial Construction. JMF is a general contractor with experience in public works, commercial, and home owner associations.

Flexible and Accommodating

Most business struggle to stay operational while under construction. We partner with clients to keep them in business. As a result, our clients are satisfied and focused on their jobs!


JMF has been in providing contractor services for the past 20 years! Over the years we have developed faster more efficient techniques that we can apply in your project delivery. Thus, allowing us to give you the best experience possible with peace at mind.

Safety is Priority

JMF promotes an injury free work culture with all our clients and business partners. As a result, we have an outstanding track record with no injuries!

Quality Service

JMF works to provide clients a world class experience in construction services. We treat every business as our own. In addition, we uphold the highest level of integrity. Not to mention, we will educate our clients about our services, in order to, allow them to make informed decisions!