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ADA Construction Services

ADA Compliant Upgrades

JMF serves both HOA and commercial businesses in ADA compliant upgrades in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area. Make your business accessible for all and meet government standards of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

What is the American with Disabilities Act of 1990?

In summary, this act prohibits discrimination and requires organizations that are open to the general public to be readily accessible to all disabled individuals. In addition, disabled individuals should receive the same and full enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations. Employers should also not discriminate against disabled applicants. Furthermore, the act requires tenants and landlords to decide responsibility for ADA compliance obligations within their lease or contract. If an organization fails to become compliant, then they will be subject to civil monetary penalties. Click here to learn more about American with Disabilities Act.

ADA Compliant Services

There are many ADA Standards that are necessary and must be followed by your organization. Here is a checklist to ensure your business is ADA complaint and accessible for people with disabilities. As well as provide you standards for accessible designs. If your business is not accessible for all, then contact JMF Commercial Construction for your ADA Complaint Upgrades. 

What are the benefits of becoming ADA Compliant?

Avoid Civil Penalities

First violation can cost an organization $55,000 to $75,000 in civil fines. The second penalty may cost up to $150,000. In addition to any legal fees needed to make your case. Click on the icon above for more information.

Become More Accessible

Make your business more accessible and easier to get to. More customers are willing to do business with a company, the buying process easier and more comfortable for them.

Expand Your Consumer Base

If you make your business accommodating to the needs of disabled individuals then you open the door to more customers. For example, individuals that have trouble walking. Click on the icon above for more information.

Interested in Becoming ADA Compliant?

JMF has experience in working with Southern California’s businesses becoming more accessible and meeting government standards. Contact us now to get started!

ADA Compliant Services
For Additional Information About ADA Compliant Upgrades

If you are interested in learning more about Americans with Disability Act of 1990, then click here. Read our related blog post about commercial construction and ADA Compliant Services Brochure.