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Homeowner Association and ADA Compliance Upgrades

Benefits OF ADA Compliance Upgrades for Your HOA Community If you are thinking that ADA compliant upgrades are a financial strain on your community budget, then you are not considering the benefits. Accessibility improvements made on the community can make all residents and visitors of the community feel more welcomed. Thus, improve the morale of the community, and their support and trust for board members and property managers. You can save more money by making ADA compliant upgrades, versus having to paying fines and having to do make upgrades anyways. In addition, these upgrades will increase the property value of your community. Property management companies can tax right off the cost of the upgrades. The environment of the HOA is improved with increased space and efficient layout.

Homeowner Associations (HOA) property managers and board members are challenged to keep their community environment presentable and family oriented. Often, HOA officials look to construction companies for maintenance, repairs, and renovation services. Renovation is the renewal or improvement of a structure. Frequently, with renovation projects HOA officials find themselves having to meet Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Does My HOA Need to be ADA Compliant?

Yes, your homeowner association needs to be ADA compliant. ADA is a federal law that prohibits the discrimination based on a person’s disability. Which includes all places of public gatherings need to be accessible for people with a physical disability. Homeowner associations must abide to ADA compliance or they can face consequences. Some key common areas for HOA officials to consider are:

  • Clubhouses
  • Pool Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Parking Lots

All these places are places of public gathering that need to be accessible for all individuals. A simple step to see if your community is ADA compliant, is to check how accessible it is. For example, restrooms need enough space for a wheelchair to access it freely. In addition, you would want to implement a ramp/elevator as alternative wherever stairs were accessible for the public.

Common HOA Compliant Upgrades

Often, board members and property managers hire a contractor to install ADA compliant upgrades on their property. Most contractors that are knowledgeable and experienced with ADA, should be able to inspect your homeowner association and point out anything that is non-compliant. Unless, you have already been fined or penalized for a certain violation. Here is a list of common ADA upgrades a community association hires a contractor for:

  • Wheelchair lifts and elevators
  • Entrance Accessibility
  • Signage: missing, inaccurate, or outdated signage.
  • Parking stalls/lots, includes leveling and slope repair
  • Creating accessible routes, seating, doors, and exits.
  • Restroom upgrades: wheelchair clearance, fixtures installation/upgrades/repairs.
  • Installation of curb/pedestrian ramps, and handrails

Benefits OF ADA Compliance Upgrades for Your HOA Community

If you are thinking that ADA compliant upgrades are a financial strain on your community budget or just a huge inconvenience, then you are not considering the benefits. Here is a list of several benefits that HOAs benefit from ADA compliant upgrades.

Homeowner Association and ADA Compliance Upgrades JMF Commercial Construction Blogs
  • Increased property value and tax write offs for your HOA. Property improvements such as accessibility upgrades can improve the value of your community. The expense your community incurred during construction can be used as a tax right off.
  • Accessibility improvements can make your HOA feel more inviting for residents and visitors to be engaged. For example, all individuals do not feel discouraged to participate in community events, due to their limitations. This will improve the community’s collective efficacy in knowing who belongs on HOA property. In other words, people of the community will know each other more and have a better chance of limiting burglaries and thefts on property.
  • ADA compliance can improve the safety of the community. For example, when a person with disabilities needs to access the restroom, the use of an installed handrail can help provide the individual support, limiting the risk of falling. As a result, the HOA officials will not have to tap into the community budget to pay legal fees. In addition, they will be maintaining their reputation among community members.
  • Improved morale of residents and support for HOA board members and property managers. By effectively managing your community’s environment and following government regulations and standards, your community will prosper. Community members will take notice in the effectiveness of the HOA officials, making them more supportive and pleased with you.

Why ADA Compliant is Important to Your HOA

Board members and property managers are responsible for putting their best foot forward for their residents. Which includes managing the property correctly and preserving a safe and family-oriented community environment. By effectively managing your property you can prevent unnecessary cost in fines and legal fees. Ultimately, giving you more financial freedom to make other improvements on your community. Which will have a positive impact on your residents.

Summary of Homeowner Associations and ADA Compliant Upgrades

HOA officials work with general contractors in preserving their community environment with renovations. These renovations often include ADA compliant upgrades that can be quite beneficial for the community. By increase the accessibility of the environment you can get more community engaged and happy. While avoiding any headaches and monetary penalties by the government. To get ADA compliant upgrades or renovations today, contact your general contractor.

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