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9 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Homeowner Association’s Appearance

How To Maintain Your Homeowner Association

Maintaining a clean and safe community should be a priority to both property management and board members of a homeowner association. A well-maintained HOA can bring may benefits to an HOA such as:

  • Increased community involvement and engagement
  • Support and satisfaction of your residents
  • Improved quality of life
  • Less vandalism
  • Higher property value

Ultimately, there are many reasons on why you should keep your HOA up to high standards. However, if you are unsure on where to begin in maintaining your community, then it can be quite overwhelming.

As a result, we have created 9 simple ways to maintain your homeowner association’s appearance to help you out:

  • Pressure washing
  • Termite and Dry Rot
  • Mold Remediation
  • Painting
  • Drywall, plaster, and stucco repairs
  • Concrete and masonry repairs
  • Fencing repairs
  • Roofing clean ups and repairs
  • Renovate

Pressure Washing

One of the most cost effective and quick ways to clean up your homeowner association is by pressure washing. Pressure washing uses pressurized water to clean off any stains, dirt, or debris in hard-to-reach areas. Depending on your community and budget, you should prioritize pressure washing in high traffic areas and places of concern.

For example:

  • The building’s exterior (stucco)
  • Walkways, ramps, and stairways
  • Common areas: pools, clubhouses, and fitness centers
  • Fences and retaining walls
  • Roofs
pressure washing

Pressure washing is a great way to win your communities approval in maintaining a clean and safe environment for your residents. Partner with an experience pressure washing professional to get your property clean correctly.

Termite And Dry rot

Occasionally, you want to inspect your community for termites and dry rot. As they can be quite damaging for your building and structures overall strength and appearance. If you are unsure on how to identify termite or dry rot, then contact a construction specialist today or take a look at the photos below.

Termites can be found in wood. Overtime, they can grow larger in population by feeding off your wood structures, ultimately weakening the structure. Termites will decrease the value of your HOA and will make your community look run downed and outdated. By targeting this issue as soon as possible, you can minimize the damage and make repairs before it’s too late.

Termite Damage & Dry Rot Repairs

Dry rot just like termites, can decay wood rapidly as fungi species began consuming the wood. Ultimately, the wood becomes cracked and darkened overtime.

Address termite and dry rot concerns in your community today to help maintain a clean, presentable, and safe environment for your residents.

dry rot

Mold Remediation

Maintain your HOA by having routine mold inspections and mediations. As mold can cause serious damage to organic matter such as walls, carpet, wood, insulation, and other building material and structures. In addition, mold may cause severe health problems if individuals are exposed to it.

Mold appears in places of high moisture. For example, leaks in the roofs can lead to mold appearing throughout the ceilings. Windows and pipes are key areas of where moisture and water can leak through. Flooding can be another concern for the possibility of mold. Furthermore, mold may grow on any organic material such as wood, paper, dust, paints, drywall, upholstery, and other substances.

Address mold concerns as soon as possible to avoid any legal liability, death, health concerns, costly repairs, and other headaches. If you are unsure on what mold looks like, then contact a specialist today or take a look at the photo below.


Whether its by wear and tear, a poor paint job, or your building is out of date, painting is inevitable process of maintaining a presentable and inviting HOA community. Paint can make your HOA feel new again without having to go to the extent of renovating your entire property. Examine your HOA and determine whether it is time for an interior or exterior painting.

Select the right colors for your HOA, as colors can help communicate subliminal messages and emotions to your residents. Use multiple colors and variations on structures to help limit a dull community look.



If you are having trouble in selecting the right color for your HOA, then contact a construction specialist for assistance.

Drywall, Plaster, And Stucco Repairs

Structural damage is easily noticed by your residents. Therefore, many HOAs prioritize their budget in addressing drywall, plaster, and stucco damage. Whether they are just small cracks in the walls or holes, the presentation of your community matters.

Drywall is used in the interior of buildings for walls and ceilings.

Plaster is the protective coating for drywall used in the interior of buildings for walls and ceilings.

Stucco is the exterior coating of walls and ceilings.

By addressing damages to your structures when they occur you can prevent further damage and potential liability from occurring. For example, cracks getting bigger, or moisture leaking through holes and creating mold.

drywall installation

Concrete And Masonry Repairs

Concrete and masonry exist within all HOAs. Eventually, there comes a time where your community needs to address the wear and tear of masonry and concrete such as the chips, holes and cracks that weaken structures and their appearance.

Addressing concrete and masonry repairs can prevent liability and future damage from occurring. For example, a concrete wall that is not long supported can potentially collapse on a person, or property. Perhaps, someone could trip over a crack. Ultimately, run down concrete and masonry just looks really terrible and can make your community seem rundown and poorly managed.

Save money and create a safer environment by targeting damaged concrete and masonry within your community and win your resident’s support.

concrete repairs

Fencing Repairs

Fencing is an important part of an HOA’s appearance and security of the community. Any weakened or damaged fence can cause security concerns for the community as well as making the community unattractive.

If you are worried about the expenses of maintaining your fencing, then replace your existing fence with low-cost maintenance fencing material instead. For example, wrought iron and vinyl are very popular among HOAs. If you are interested in learning more about fencing options for your HOA, then read our blog post “HOA Fencing Types.”

Fencing Installation & Repairs
Wood Fencing installation

Roofing Clean Up And Repairs

A dirty or damaged roof is highly noticeable by residents and people passing by. Avoid being one of the HOAs that look like they do not care.

Hire a professional to clean up your roof and gutters of any debris. It will help preserve the presentation of your roof and take off any unnecessary stress on your roof, which can prevent leaks.

If you have a damaged roof, then you must address it as soon as possible as it can lead to numerous repairs within interior of your building. For example, mold, weaken structures, and damaged paint.

roof cleaning

If you have the budget and funds to support roofing clean up and repairs for your community, then you shouldn’t hesitate. Target small issues before they become bigger and more costly problems later on.


Often, simple projects such as repairs, and minor improvements may not be enough. Your HOA is probably seeing more repair expenses and may be running very inefficiently. As a result, it may be time for your HOA to renovate. Renovations are improvements and upgrades made to your property to make it more up to date and efficient.

Prioritize your renovations to make to the greatest impact based off your communities demands, concerns, and budget. Most HOAs look to renovate their common areas such as pool areas, restrooms, clubhouses, and walkways. Depending on your HOAs needs and desires may determine what get renovated.

Many property manager and board members look to make improvements in sustainability in low flow fixtures and efficient lighting. Perhaps, you may want to install more windows and insulation to reduce energy cost. Ultimately, renovations can be worth your initial investment in the long run.

Summary: How To Maintain Your Homeowner Association

Maintaining your HOA is an important duty for board members and property management. It ensures the quality of life within the community in regard to attractiveness, usability, accessibility, security, value, and safety. Inspect and evaluate your HOA on a weekly basis to for any structural damages or potential issues. Target problems sooner than later to prevent more costly repairs, potential liability, and other unnecessary issues.

If you are interested in maintaining your HOA, then partner with JMF Commercial Construction today.

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