Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior & Exterior Painting
Give your commercial business or HOA a new fresh look, with an interior and exterior paint job! JMF delivers high quality painting services to the Los Angeles and Orange Count area. New paint can create a good lasting impression on new customers and employees. Paint can go a long way for your business. For instance, it can set a professional, fun, or family oriented environment for your business. Ultimately, painting affects your company's branding. With JMF partnership we can get your business to its ideal look or if needed, do minor touch ups to preserve your property's appearance.
Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Our Professional Painting Process

First, JMF prepares the entire job site to be painted or stained. We prepare all surfaces that need to be painted and remove all furniture or objects from the job site. As a result, JMF prevents any unwanted surfaces from being painted. 

Next, we will begin the painting process by filling up any nail holes and cracks. We remove any stains and place primer on all prepared areas. For new drywall, JMF applies primer and seals all walls. Afterwards. we provide a coat of paint, as well as the finishing coat.

At JMF we provide all clients with the highest level of professional painting services and ensure that quality control is upheld for all projects. We strive to meet our clients deadlines & budgets, while being flexible and accommodating to their business operations. 

For our customers, we only use the highest quality paint brands, such as: Sherman Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Dunn Edwards, and Behr. We believe in providing the highest quality services, as well as the final end product!


Interior and Exterior Painting Services
JMF provides interior and exterior painting for all commercial businesses and HOAs. We strive to help all of our clients with the design process from start to finish. JMF applies paint to all interior and exterior surfaces such as stucco, drywall, trim, and wrought iron. At JMF we do hand brushing, spray paint, and roll painting. Partner with JMF with your next paint project and experience!
  • Paint and Stain Preparation
  • Paint Molding and Trim
  • Painting and Stain Removal
  • Two Toning
  • Contrast Walls
  • Smooth Rough Surfaces
  • Paint Chip Removal
  • Contrast Walls
  • Exterior Pressure Wash
  • Water Sealing

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