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HOA Property Management

HOA Property Management

JMF helps Homeowner Associations create a safer and better community for homeowners with repairs, maintenance, and sesimic retrofitting in the LA & OC area. Free estimate

Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Services

JMF provides remodeling and renovation services for HOAs. Which include: corridors, entrances, restrooms, pool houses, clubhouses, meeting rooms, kitchens, patios, dog parks, and playground equipment.

JMF provides a wide variety of ADA Compliant upgrades for commercial business such as: parking lots, restrooms, reception, office areas, walkways, ramps, handrails, detectable markers, accessible doors, and signage.

We serve commercial businesses with temporary security barricades, full repair, rebuild, or restoration from fire, water, and vehicle damage.

Preserve the environment of your commercial business with drywall, plaster, & stucco repairs. Includes mold and water damage repairs

JMF provides HOA businesses with masonry and concrete installations, replacements, and repairs.

Prevent expensive and inconvenient water damage from occurring. With JMF, you can expect affordable pricing, convenience, quality coating & waterproofing services.

commercial property management

Our services include: concrete grinding, repairs, and replacement. We help businesses maintain a safe and attractive environment for their customers and employees.

JMF provides roofing services for commercial businesses with qualified technicians, skilled and experienced to help you build, design, and repair roofs.

Restore your HOA with our termite and dry rot repairs services. We provide any structural repairs needed and make your property look good as new.

Our paint services include an all interior and exterior surfaces such as stucco, drywall, trim, and wrought iron. With the options of hand brushing, spray painting, and roll painting.

Get the right fencing services you need today with JMF. We provide our clients a wide variety of fencing options such as wrought iron, wood, block, vinyl, and composite.

We help commercial businesses increase the visibility, safety, and security of their workplace with interior & exterior lighting services.

Seismic Retrofit
Prepare and protect your Homeowner Association from an impending earthquake. Many HOAs need to meet California seismic retrofit ordinances. As well as, build value within your communities, and create peace at mind.

Become compliant to California's Seismic retrofit ordinances

Depending on your municipal ordinances, it will dictate the timeline of when you have to meet California's Seismic Retrofit mandates. Avoid fines and legal liability by becoming compliant to California's seismic ordinances! Click on link below to learn if your in compliance or in need of seismic retrofit services.

Make your HOA more safe and secure

Seismic retrofitting can help prepare and protect your business against earthquakes.

Strengthen the value of your HOA

If an HOA makes a community more safe for it residents then it is building value. In a matter of fact, safety and security is one of the primary needs of an individual. Ultimately, Seismic retrofitting can put their mind at ease when facing an earthquake.

Less repairs in the long run

If your HOA is seismic retrofitted then it is more earthquake resilient. Therefore, all of the seismic damage done to your building structures will be minimal. Thus, requiring less repairs!

For Additional Information and Assistance for your Home Owner Association

For JMF Commercial Construction’s Seismic Retrofit page CLICK HERE. If you are interested in learning more about Seismic Retrofit mandates CLICK HERE

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