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Popular Decks For HOAs

HOA Decks Construction Blogs

There are many different types of decks that are popular among Home Owner Associations. Here is a list of the most popular decks used by HOAs.


Cedar decks offer homeowners a natural beauty of real classic wood and stylist look to their home. It offers a sturdier and more durable than surface than alternatives. Cedar has natural chemicals that prevent rotting and decaying and can even serve as an insect repellent for your home.

Many homeowners experience the perfect harmony and peach at mind with their cedar decks. For instance, many homeowners use cedar decks as a foundation for their fire pits, seating, and lighting.

Cedar decking usually cost on average about 3.75 per square feet. Installation of cedar decking is environmentally friendly with minimal pollution materials needed, as well as, being very easy to install. However, this estimation does not include labor. Cedar decking is having low maintenance expenses and will last up to 15 to 20 years.


Homeowners with composite decks will experience the beautiful stylist looks that will never fade. Composite decks will always look good as new when they are clean. It is an alternative to traditional wood decking, which gives a real wood look. However, it is actually a man-made replica of real wood. There are variety of colors that will resemble real wood. So, homeowners can pick the right style and look for their home. Composite is created with wood fibers and dust, which is then mixed with recycled plastic. Many homeowners love composite because it does not require painting or stain removal.

Composite decks are very popular due to their low to zero maintenance. However, decks will need to be occasionally cleaned every few years or it will generate mold. The cost of composite decking by square foot averages around $7.80.

Treated Decks

Treated decks provide homeowners that wish to have a beautiful real wood deck for their home. Many of these decks are made with pine and fir. Homeowners love treated decks for their natural looks and the place to escape for peace at mind. Treated decks are pressure treated lumber that strengthens the woods resistance to rotting, decking, and insects. These decks are solid and durable.

Treated decks are easy to install and can range for about $2.35 per square foot for materials. The cost of labor will vary depending on the project.


Redwood decking provides homeowners with a beautiful, prestige, natural, and quality look to their home. It provides a very strong foundation for decks, since its strong and durable. However, it is more expensive but comes with many benefits, such as rot and decay resistance. Redwood does require routine maintenance and has a lifetime up to 20 years. Homeowners usually pay around $7.75 per square feet for materials with the cost of labor varying.


Vinyl decking is much stronger and flexible than wood fences. Many homeowners appreciate the vinyl decking having almost no maintenance and its resistance to paint. As a result, vinyl fencing is easier to be kept clean. However, vinyl fencing does cost more to install than other fences. This type of fencing is considered cheaper than others with a price usually ranging from $7.35 per to $9.25 per square foot for materials. Many homeowners save in the long with its low maintenance expenses.

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