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6 Renovation Ideas For Your HOA In 2021

6 Renovation Ideas For Your HOA In 2021

Renovations is the process of improving, updating, and repairing buildings or structures. It is essential for any building or structure to remain occupied and functional. Homeowner associations are no exceptions when it comes to wear and tear and the need for renovations.

Homeowner associations need to keep their properties current with regulations, up to date with style and appeal, efficient in utility usage, and inexpensive in maintenance. If you are a property manager or board member, then you are probably looking to renovate your HOA.

To keep your HOA up to date, presentable, and well maintained, we have created a list of 6 ideas on renovating your HOA.

  1. ADA Compliant Upgrades
  2. Interior And Exterior Painting
  3. Installation Of New Flooring
  4. Termite And Dry Rot Repairs
  5. Drywall, plaster, And Stucco Repairs
  6. Installation of new technology

ADA Compliant Upgrades

One of the most important things you should consider when renovating your HOA property is ADA Compliance. ADA compliance is a government law mandating that all places of public gatherings need to be readily accessible to all individuals regardless of disabilities. As a result, it is imperative for you to ensure your HOA is ADA compliant. If not, you are at risked of being fined and sued.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Making your community more accessible will help build value in the community by making everyone feel more included. It will prevent any discrimination in the community and will help produce a healthy environment.

Some common ADA compliant upgrades you consider in your HOA’s renovation are:

  • Handicap parking stalls
  • Railing
  • Accessible walkways, entrances, and rooms
  • Ramps, lifts, and elevators
  • Signage

Interior And Exterior Painting

What kind of HOA renovation doesn’t have new paint? Make your HOA more attractive and appealing to residents by repainting the interior and exterior of your building. You can actually increase the value of your resident’s property value. In addition, painting will make a great opportunity to clean up any vandalism on the walls.


Installation Of New Flooring

The floor of your HOA matters. No one wants to step on a damaged and dirty floor. Your residents may tire of tripping over cracks and chip in the flooring. As a result, replacing your flooring in the interior of your HOA should be a priority. Reduce liability, improve attractiveness, and increase value of your property with new flooring.

Termite And Dry Rot Repairs

One of the most important parts of increasing the lifetime use of your HOA’s buildings and structures is with proper maintenance and repairs. As a result, you should include all of the main repairs in your HOA renovations.

Termite and dry rot are very abundant in homeowner association communities. With all the balconies, decks, fencing, and other wood structures you are bound to have termite and dry rot. If damaged structures are left unaddressed, then it can result in greater expenses later such as liability and construction.

By making termite and dry rot repairs you will be making your property safer and more durable.  It is best to make these repairs as soon as possible as damage may spread.

Termite Damage & Dry Rot Repairs

Drywall, Plaster, And Stucco Repairs

Holes, chips, and cracks in your drywall, plaster or stucco can make your property look very trashy and ran down. As a result, you need drywall and stucco repairs in your renovations.

Just like termite and dry rot repairs, drywall and stucco play a huge role in the safety of your property. Drywall is part of the walls of your community that support the ceiling. Plaster and stucco preserve the presentation of your wall.

To maintain a presentable environment, you need to keep up with your repairs and there is no better opportunity to do it, then with a renovation.

Sustainability Upgrades

If you want to save more money in the long run on your HOA’s utility expenses, then look for sustainability upgrades in your renovations. For example, you can install censored lighting with more efficient light bulbs, or you can install low flow fixtures that utilize less water. Perhaps, you want to moderate the temperature more efficiently in your HOA by installing more windows, making your roof sunlight reflective, or adding more insulation.

Nevertheless, these sustainability upgrades will eventually pay for themselves, by offsetting the cost of your initial renovation investment.

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Summary: Renovation Ideas For HOAs

Renovations are a necessary part of your community’s life. They can help improve the appearance, quality of life, value, efficiency, and the usability of your community. Renovations can vary depending on your HOA’s needs.

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