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8 Benefits Why You Should Renovate Your HOA’s Community Restroom

8 Benefits Why You Should Renovate Your HOA’s Community Restroom

One of the best investments you can make in your HOA is to renovate the community restroom. It can offer your community a lot of benefits from bringing the community together to becoming ADA Compliant. If you are a property manager, then you should look into renovating your property’s restroom.

Renovations are the improvements, repairs, and upgrades made to objects and structures. For example, you can look to replace the damage floor of your community’s restroom, or you can install better faucets and toilets. Nevertheless, the goal of renovations is to make your property run more efficiently and provide a more valuable experience for the occupants.

Overview: 8 Benefits To Renovate Your HOA’s Community Restroom

Here is a list of 8 benefits on why you should Renovate Your HOA’s community restroom:

  1. Increased Property Value
  2. Better Community Involvement And Engagement
  3. Happier Community
  4. ADA Compliance
  5. Less Maintenance And Repairs
  6. More Energy Efficient
  7. Water Saving
  8. Positive Reflection On Property Management
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1) Increased Property Value

Bathroom renovations can actually increase the value of your property of all your residents. As a result, community bathroom renovations are a great investment that pays for itself.

Your community members will be pleased to learn how you increased the value of the condominium or house. Additionally, a bathroom renovation can help make the community more appealing and welcoming to new prospective residents. It will also enable homeowners to have a better selling pitch in renting or selling their property.

2) Better Community Involvement And Engagement

Poor maintained and outdated restrooms can make community members uncomfortable in attending and interacting community events or common areas. Therefore, many property managers seek the benefit of bathroom renovations to help their community get more involved and engaged.

Community events and interaction are important to the quality life of a Homeowner Association. The more community members meet and establish relationships with one another can create a better collective efficacy in the community. Which may result in less crime such as: property damage, graffiti, and break ins.

3) Happier Community

Bathroom renovations can get your community happy and excited to try out the new restroom. It can create a sense of comfort and ease in using the common areas. As a result, community members may be happy with the allocation of their HOA fees.

4) ADA Compliance

One reason you may want to consider a restroom renovation for your HOA is to make it ADA complaint. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that places of a public gathering need to be readily accessible for all individual regardless of limitations.

For your community restroom to be ADA compliant, there needs to be enough room for a wheelchair to easily maneuver. Which will require the correct measurements and placements of the restroom stall, sink, toilet, rails, and more. In addition, your restroom needs to have an accessible path to get to, which may require a ramp or a lift depending on your property.

Many communities are facing civil lawsuits and fines for not being ADA compliant, which makes it more important to get your restroom renovated. ADA compliant restrooms will help all member of the communities feel welcome.

restroom renovation

5) Less Maintenance And Repairs

Renovations help extend the lifetime of structures and buildings. As a result, your HOA can save on the expense of overly repetitive maintenance and repairs needed on your restroom. Ultimately, it can offset the amount of money you will spend on renovating the restroom.

Just be sure to hire a reliable quality contractor and be sure not to go too cheap on your desired building materials.

6) More Energy Efficient

Renovations to your restroom can help it run more efficiently overtime. Eventually, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. One of the reasons many property managers looking to renovate their HOA restrooms is because they want to spend less on their energy bills.

For example, restrooms can be installed with sensor lights, which will prevent wasted energy. Additionally, the lights can contain bulbs that are more energy efficient. Furthermore, energy efficient fans can be also installed. HOAs can also save on heating by installing additional insulation or purchasing a more efficient water heater.

7) Water Saving

Certain renovations to faucets, toilets, and shower heads can be installed to limit the amount of water usage. Furthermore, renovation of pipes and other plumbing products can help prevent future leaks and water damage on your property.

8) Positive Reflection On Property Management

With all the benefits of a freshly renovated restroom, property management will benefit from their satisfaction from their board members. Board member satisfaction provides property management with job security, raises, and a stronger relationship. As a result, they will get more cooperation and respect from the community.

How Much Will A Restroom Renovation Cost My HOA?

In most cases you can expect a bathroom restroom to cost between $15,000 and $30,000 for a complete and quality renovation. However, the cost of a bathroom renovation will be influenced based off you’re a variety of factors such as:

  • The contractor
  • Your location
  • Building materials expenses
  • What you want done

To get the best market value out of your restroom renovation project, you should request multiple bids from different contractors.

Summary: 8 Benefits To Renovate Your HOA’s Restroom

Renovating or upgrading your community restroom can be beneficial for both the community and property management company. Ultimately, it can improve the quality of life and value within the community for the residents. Additionally, it can create more trust between HOA board members and property managers.

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