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Tenant & Leasehold Improvement

Tenant & Leasehold Improvement Services

JMF helps commercial businesses tailor their business to their tenant needs with tenant improvement services in the Los Angeles & Orange County Area.

What are Tenant Improvements?

Tenant improvements are also known as leasehold improvements. They are the changes made to make the commercial or industrial rental property. it makes a businesses more ideal to tenant's business. For example, a property manager may change the flooring plan for a tenant. As a result, the tenant's business has more space and is easier to work in. Leasehold improvements are a mutual benefit for both the tenant and landlord.

Tenant Improvement Services

What are the benefits of Tenant/Leasehold Improvements?

Improved Workspace

Adjusting your rental property to your business will only improve it. As a result, a business can benefit from more efficient use of space. As well as, more space and expansion!

Tax Advantage

It can provide clients a tax relief. For example, depreciation of the new property upgrades and changes. A business can tax write off for property value depreciation, thus saving money!

Increased Property Value

It can benefit the business buy increasing its value. For example, a facility that has received multiple updates will increase value of the property!

Improved Employee Morale

Having improvements can really increase morale of the business. Making the workplace easier for employees will make them happy and even more productive!


If there are more efficient and faster working employees, then it will impact operating cost. Thus, saving your company money! Not to mention, new improvements are more reliable and need less maintenance!

Better Rental Experience

Property managers will have a better relationship with their tenants! Additionally, it will lead to more renewals for the proeprty manager, and more business for the tenant!

Interested In Tenant Improvements?

JMF partners with clients to help them get their ideal business. Start your next tenant improvement project with JMF.

Tenant Leasehold Improvement
For Additional Information About Tenant Improvement

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