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Loading Docks & Seals

JMF offers commercial businesses with loading dock and seals installation, repairs, and upgrades in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Loading Dock & Seal Services

We offer commercial businesses a complete services in dock and seal installation, safety improvements, upgrades, repairs, and preventative maintenance. 

What Are The Benefits Of Loading Docks And Seals

Improved Employee Morale

The work setting plays a role on employee morale, with a properly maintained and well maintained workplace, employees will value and appreciate it.

Workplace Efficiency

Loading dock and seals can improve the workplace efficiency. In addition, it can improve logisitics and day to day operations.

Fix Any Additional Repairs

Preventative maintenance and improvements to your loading dock seals can be complemented with additional services such as paint, lighting, and more.

Interested in Loading Dock And Seals?

JMF Commercial Construction is experienced in providing commercial contractor services to Southern California businesses. Start your next project today with an estimate from JMF Commercial Construction.

For Additional Information About Our Loading And Seals Services

If your interested in learning more about commercial contractor services, then read our related blog post. For additional questions or concerns, contact JMF Commercial Construction at (562)572-8354 or

Loading Dock & Seals
Loading Dock & Seals

Our Loading Dock Services

  • Dock Installation: JMF offers clients a full-service dock installation. We offer a variety of services for commercial businesses such as: repairs and maintenance, safety, upgrades, design build, levelers, and lift installation.
  • Repairs & Preventative Maintenance: Reduce expensive and preventable expenses with our preventative maintenance. Make repairs and prevent future damage from occurring and improve safety.
  • Improved Dock Safety: We help our clients improve the safety of their work environments. With our services we can help clients minimize accidents. JMF specializes in creating a safe a secure work environment for employees, installation of the proper equipment and preventative maintenance.
  • Upgrades – Products & Equipment: JMF helps clients install improved products and equipment to improve the safety and operational effectiveness of their facilities. Many of our product upgrades include fire doors, impact and high-speed doors, insect barriers, rolling steel doors, and more. Equipment upgrades include installation of new dock levelers, bumpers, and more.
  • Design Build: We design and build your dock system from start to finish, reducing time and cost. As a result, our clients receive a hassle-free experience.