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7 Tips For A Successful Hotel Renovation

7 Tips For A Successful Hotel Renovation

Eventually, every hotel will need a renovation from wear and tear from over the years. However, the tasks of implementing a successful hotel renovation can be quite overwhelming and complicating. You must consider how construction will impact your operations, on top of the planning, preparing, and funding a renovation.

To help give you the best outcome for your hotel renovation, we have established 7 tips for you to implement a successful hotel renovation:

  • Plan And Prepare
  • Create A Budget
  • Hire The Right Commercial Contractor
  • Address Building Regulations
  • Look To Improve Efficiency
  • Listen To Your Guests
  • Work With Your Commercial Contractor

1) Plan And Prepare

There is no success in a renovation project if you do not plan or prepare for it. Your renovation project should have a purpose. The renovation should be pursued in order to achieve a desired goal.

Based off your goals should dictate how you plan and prepare for your hotel renovation. For example, if you are looking to modernize your hotel, then your renovations will include the latest technology and trends for hotels.

With properly planning and preparing your hotel renovation you can make the process simpler and more favorable towards your business. Have a game plan on how your hotel business will adjust well under renovations, will you close, or will you remain operational, and if so, what is the plan?

Planning will also enable you to coordinate the construction project better as far as setting up payments for your contractor or managing your operations.

Set a timeline for each stage of your construction project and hold your contractor accountable for meeting deadlines at each stage. This will help you measure your results and evaluate the progress of the contractor.

Furthermore, you want to identify what you want in renovations. By knowing what you want and sticking to it will prevent any expensive change orders or delays later on.

2) Create A Budget

Determine costs

One of the simplest ways to remained discipline and financially secured with hotel renovations is by setting a budget. The price of renovations can quickly get out of hand depending on what you want. For example, some renovations require the purchasing of special material, and the hiring of subcontractors. Ultimately, the bigger and more complex your project is the most expensive it will be, so just be mindful on whether you can afford it or not.

3) Hire The Right Commercial Contractor

Selecting the right contractor for your hotel renovations is key to your project’s success. The renovation project will rely heavily on the contractor’s capabilities, resources, professionalism, and expertise.

To find the right contractor for your project you need to talk to multiple commercial construction companies. Schedule a job walks and request an estimate from each one. Evaluate their expertise and what they can offer you from your personal encounters and through their online reputation.

Ask the contractor questions to see if he is knowledgeable in fulfilling your project. For example, you want to ask him if any permits or inspections will be required for the project. Perhaps, you may ask him questions you already know to access the trustworthiness of the contractor. Additionally, you want to evaluate the company online by find their company reviews and testimonials.

Ultimately, you will have to use your best judgement and select the contractor you believe will be the best for your hotel renovation.

4) Address Building Regulations

Most hotels usually get their hotel renovated because they are poorly outdated, which means they are not up to date with current building regulations. Some of the most common building violations can include ADA compliance, seismic retrofitting, fire safety regulations, and more.

Ultimately, you want to address all of these concerns during your renovations to become compliant to government standards. If not, then you risk being fined or shutdown. Avoid the hassle and headache by targeting building code requirements in your hotel renovation.

Building Permit
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

5) Look To Improve Efficiency

If you are renovating, then you are looking to improve the efficiency of your hotel. Therefore, prioritize what you want done based off the greatest impact it will have on your business.

For example, many hotels focus on renovating the façade of their building to help attract and bring in more customers to their business. Other hotels look for sustainability upgrades to reduce their overall expenses in utilities.

Nevertheless, your renovations should be driven to improve your building efficiency in accommodating your business.

6) Listen To Your Guests

Overtime, you probably have interacted with your guest and have received some constructive feedback on how to improve your hotel. Often, this feedback can be greatly useful for a business to target their weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities. What have them been asking for, or what do they want improved?

Ultimately, you should always consider your guest when renovating your hotel.

7) Work With Your Commercial Contractor

By working with your commercial contractor, you will increase the odds of a successful hotel renovation. If you hired the right contractor, then you contractor should be more than willing to work with you in accommodating your business needs such as limiting the impact construction has on your business.

Furthermore, with your assistance and communication a commercial contractor can better address problems and concerns on the job. Additionally, it will a door to a long potential partnership with you and a reliable contractor that you can use for future repairs or construction.

Summary: 7 Tips For A Successful Hotel Renovation

A hotel renovation can be successful if you properly plan and prepare for it. Hire the right contractor and work with that contractor within your budget. Look to maximize your results by making improvements to improve efficiency and appeal to customers. Be sure to also address any building requirements that may be needed.

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