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Remodeling & Renovation

Remodeling & Renovation Services

JMF has been helps commercial businesses and HOAs remodel and renovate their property to get their ideal look in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area.

What is Remodeling?

Remodeling can be exterior or interior of the building. Additionally, it involves changing the structure of a building. Thus, giving it a newer and fresher look. For example, If you wanted to change the look of your business, by changing the floor plan. As a result, this will lead to a higher property value.

What is Renovation?

Renovation is the process of making something new again. Such as, updating outdated buildings or making repairs. For example, replacing the lighting of an office building with new lights. As a result, the office building will have better and energy efficient lighting. Not to mention, renovation is a cheaper alternative to remodeling.

Remodeling & Renovation Services

What are the benefits of Remodeling & Renovation?

Improved Employee Morale

if the workplace is improved then it can have a positive affect on employees. Thus, making them more productive!


If improvements are made in the work place, employee efficiency will improve. Therefore, operating cost will decrease.

More Space

If you remodel your business, then it can great lead to expansion or better use of the workplace!

Interested in remodeling or renovation?

JMF partners with clients to improve their business to fit their needs! Start off your new project now with a free online estimate.

Remodeling and Renovation
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