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5 Ways To Get A Return On Investment From A Commercial Remodel

5 Ways To Get A Return On Investment From A Commercial Remodel

One of the largest investments a business can make is remodeling their commercial property. Unfortunately, investing a lot of resources in a remodeling project can make business owners and leaders hesitant on getting started. However, commercial remodeling can actually save businesses a lot of money in the long run which can offset your initial investment.

Overview: 5 Ways To Get A ROI From A Commercial Remodel

Commercial remodeling will ultimately save you many in the long term, as long as you buy decent to quality material and hire a reliable contractor. With fresh building improvements, businesses will save on future repairs, building violations fines and penalties, and more.

Here are 5 ways to get a return on investment (ROI) from a commercial remodel:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Safety And Security
  • Structural Improvements
  • Sustainability
  • Increased Property Value

Improved Productivity

One of the most motivating factors business look to commercial remodels is to improve its productivity and efficiency. Better efficiency and productivity enable a business to maximize its revenue by limiting its costs. Ultimately, a commercial remodel gives a business a second chance to make improvements on their commercial property to better complement their business.

For example, a business can look to improve the layout of their commercial space or expand its building horizontally or vertically. Nevertheless, a commercial remodel is an opportunity for a business to redesign the layout of the space to limit walking, maximize storage usage, and improve logistics.

workplace efficiency

Many businesses also improve the productivity of their commercial businesses with these upgrades:

  • Improved Accessibility
  • Upgraded Lighting
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC improvements
  • New technology

By improving the efficiency of your business will eventually offset the cost of your remodeling project, which makes remodeling so appealing to most business owners.

Better Safety And Security

security upgrades

Many commercial remodels include safety and security upgrades such as the installation of railings, fireproof coatings, waterproofing, cameras, security doors, and more. If your commercial business has not been remodeled in the last decade, then more than likely your business is due for safety and security upgrades.

Safety upgrades can prevent liabilities, accidents, and operational issues for your commercial businesses. Security can prevent vandalism and unwarranted property damage. Safety and security will also provide a positive benefit to both your customer and employees. Which can improve customer satisfaction and retention, and employee morale and productivity.

Depending on your business, will determine the level of investment you should make on safety and security for your commercial business. If you have more to lose, then invest heavily in safety and security upgrades in your remodel. It will eventually pay for itself and then some with its value, peace at mind, suppression on liability, and loss prevention.

Structural Improvements

Commercial remodels generally look to improve the existing structures by either repairing, reinforcing, or replacing the structure. As a result, structural improvements will provide your business with many benefits.

structural repairs

For example, customers and visitors will have a better impression and perception of your business by having no cosmetic issues. Customer perception will be more positive making them more confident and trusting in doing business with you.

Many businesses look to rebrand or repaint their existing structures to better fit their brand and appeal to more customers. Therefore, many businesses look to get a return on investment by creating an inviting and appealing exterior to help capture more customers to their business. In addition, employers look to improve employee morale and productivity by creating an environment of success and preventability.


With today’s business trends and new technologies, many businesses are remodeling their business for sustainability. Sustainability helps business run more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, which will limit the amount of money spent on energy and water.

There are many improvements business can make to improvement to limit their expenses such as:

  • Censored and energy efficient lighting
  • HVAC improvements such as insulation and improved air circulation
  • Installation and window upgrades to reduce energy usage of lights and HVAC
  • Roof improvements to moderate the temperate
  • Low flow plumbing to limit the amount of water used and to prevent leaks with new pipes.

Increased Property Value

Commercial remodels will improve the value of your property. Therefore, if you are looking to rent out your property, then you can do it for a higher rate. If you are looking to sell your property, then you can get more money for your property.

Summary: 5 Ways To Get A ROI From A Commercial Remodel

Getting a return on investment is pretty feasible when you are investing in a commercial remodel. Just be strategic and you can maximize your return on investment by benefiting from the spoils of increased productivity, structural improvements, safety and security upgrades, sustainability, and increased property value. All of these factors can play a role in limiting your costs which will eventually offset your initial investment.

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