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Seismic Retrofitting

JMF provides seismic retrofitting services for commercial businesses and HOAs in the Los Angeles and Orange county area. 

What is Seismic Retrofit?

Seismic retrofitting is commonly known as earthquake retrofitting. It is the process of preparing building structures to become more earthquake resistant. Usually, this involves the reinforcement of walls and ceilings, and may require specialized material to be used. The purpose of retrofitting is to limit property damage, death, and injuries incurred by an earthquake. Depending on your location, your business may be required to follow local seismic retrofitting ordinances.

Seismic Retrofitting Services

Our goal is to get your property more resilient to seismic activity and compliant to current building codes. Partner with us today, as we will work with your business goals, project plans to better accommodate you.

What Are The Benefits of Seismic Retrofitting?

Reduced Liability

Most businesses worry about the potential outcomes of earthquakes. However, by retrofitting your business to seismic activity, you limited the potential deaths, injuries, and damages!

Less Repairs

If your business is retrofitted, then it will need less attention to repairs over the years. Earthquakes happen all the time, with retrofit everything is kept in better condition!

Stay in Business

Lets face it, a big earthquake will eventually happen. By preparing your business, you will limit the chances of your business not being operational after an earthquake.

No More Fines

If you retrofit your building to be resistant to seismic activity, then your business will meet the safety standards of California laws. As a result, you don't have to worry about fines.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Everyone cares about their safety and security! Even your customers. Customers will feel more comfortable doing business in that is more secured.

Employee Morale

Employees will take notice of the safety of the workplace. By making employees feel safe and secure, they could work in peace at mind.Thus, improving employee productivity!

If you are interested in learning more about earthquake retrofitting, then read our related blog post. For additional questions or concerns, contact JMF Commercial Construction at (562)572-8354 or