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5 Things to Consider With Commercial Renovations

5 things to consider with commercial renovations

Many commercial business owners do not know what to consider prior to starting commercial renovations. There are many important aspects to consider for renovation such as operations, cost and timeline, the contractor, goals, and outcome. By considering these factors, business owners will for more comfortable and confident throughout their commercial construction process.

Do I Stay In Operation During Renovations?

Often, many businesses owners hold back on getting the latest renovations because it may interfere with business operations. As a business owner, it is important to consider staying in operation or to close temporally. However, this depends on the complexity and size of the commercial renovation. For example, a simple bathroom renovation will not impact your business operations to a point of shutting down.

In addition, you would also want to consider the project timeline. The timeline of the project will determine the length of impact a renovation project will have on your business. If a project will take months, it may be ideal to shut down and create a temporary workspace elsewhere, or remotely. Ultimately, this may be a difficult decision for most and should be talked with between your business partners and the commercial contractor.

The Cost and Timeline of The Renovation Project

Not every renovation project is the same, they will vary in size and complexity, which will impact the cost and timeline of the project. Business owners/managers must know what work they want done for their renovation project and come up with a realistic budget to help achieve their goals. For example, a company wants to rebrand their entire property, should consider the cost of doing so such as the labor and materials. If cost or the timeline of a renovation project is too critical on your business, then consider completing the project into multiple sections. Another key aspect in considering the cost and timeline of a renovation project is the commercial contractor.

Choosing The Right Commercial Contractor

Commercial contractors can affect the overall outcome for your renovation project. It is best to choose the contractor that will provide your project the most value. When deciding a contractor ask them the right questions:

  • Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have relevant experience?
  • Is their bid detailed and make sense?
  • What is their expected timeline for the project?
  • When could they start their project?
  • What building permits and inspections will be done on my project?

It is important to review the commercial contractors bid, it should cover their scope of work, timelines, and cost. After reviewing the bid and talking to the contractors, choose the contractor your most confident in, not the cheapest price. If your interested in learning more about hiring the right commercial contractor then click here.

Think About Your Goals

It is important in creating goals from your renovation project. By doing so you have a purpose for what you are working towards and why you are hiring a commercial contractor. When considering your goals of the renovation project think both short term and long term. For example, is the short-term goal of this project to get the business up to date with ADA Compliance Standards? Another example, is the long-term goal to improve the sustainability of the work environment, thus saving money for the company in the long run.

How Will Commercial Renovating Improve My Business?

Commercial renovations are upgrades and improvement to the workplace. It should provide improve functionality and productivity among employees and management. For example, a newly renovated breakroom with, sends a message to employees that your company cares about them. Customers may look at your newly renovated company as a fresh and modern brand. The new or rebranded environment may welcome in more customers. In addition, renovation allows companies to be up to date with latest equipment and technologies. It can improve the safety and comfort in the workplace.

Summary: Commercial Renovations

It is important in knowing what your want out of commercial renovations. With proper planning and have realistic expectations can help ease your mind during commercial renovation projects. It is important to consider the affects of renovating has on your business, the cost and timeline, the contractor, have your goals in mind, and how will renovations benefit your business?

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