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Insurance Restoration

Restoration Services

JMF helps commercial businesses and HOAs with insurance restoration services in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area.

What is Restoration?

Restoration is the process of restoring a damaged building to its normal or natural state. Ultimately, the damage done to the building can be caused by water, fire, natural causes, vandalism, or by a vehicle. Nevertheless, the insurance loss or the damage inflicted on the building is covered by an insurance policy. Additionally, any work completed in this nature should be done by an insurance restoration contractor.

Restoration can be used for the following:

Fire Damage

Ultimately, fire damage can be unpredictable and can occur almost anywhere, especially as a natural disaster. Nevertheless, JMF offers clients fire repair services to restore their property to its natural state!

Smoke Damage

If there is a fire then their is smoke. Smoke damage and odor can have a impact on a business. As a result, JMF provides clients with restoration services to repair structures and treat odors.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from the natural environment or plumbing defects. For instance, a storm can cause flooding and water damage. Additionally, plumbing defects may cause a leak, water damage, and flooding.

Vehicle Damage

If your property is damaged by a vehicle, then it will require restoration services. Ultimately, the amount of structural damage can vary depending on the impact of the vehicle and the structure hit.


Property damage can occur from vandalism. For example, when upset tenants are evicted my cause damages to structure out of spite. Nevertheless, you want to deter future vandalism by restoring your property to its natural state.

Earthquake Damage

Earthquakes are a natural disaster that occur in Southern California. As a result, a lot of structural damages occur over the years and insurance restoration is needed to prevent further damage.

Fire Restoration - Condominium Testimonial

Interested in Restoration Services?

JMF Commercial construction is experienced in working with commercial businesses and HOA in restoration. Start your next restoration project with an estimate from JMF Commercial Construction.

For Additional Information About Restoration

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