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A Checklist For Hiring A Trustworthy Commercial Contractor

A Checklist For Hiring A Trustworthy Commercial Contractor JMF Commercial Construction Blogs

Trying to find a trustworthy commercial contractor can be like finding a needle in a haystack if you do not know where to look. However, hiring a contractor is the same process as hiring any other service oriented professional. During this process, it is important to take your time to research local contractors and seek personal recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers. By doing so, you can increase your chances of finding a trustworthy commercial contractor for all your construction needs. In addition, this partnership may development into a long-lasting professional relationship. JMF has created a checklist of important steps, to help you find a reliable and reputable commercial contractor.

Understand Your Project

Understanding your commercial project is the first step in the hiring process. First you must collect your ideas with your team and develop a detailed plan with the layout and structure of your building project. If unsure wait to meet with commercial contractors to get ideas from their past projects. By understanding what services or repairs you would like done, you then can meet with prospected contractors or subcontractors for the project. Be sure to walk with the contractors and explain what you would like done, so they may be able to provide you with accurate and competitive bids. In addition, see if their knowledgeable by asking the commercial contractors questions about your project. For example, the permits and inspections that may be needed.

Get Multiple Estimates

There are many contractors in the industry that love to heavily markup estimates for inexperienced business owners and managers. However, by collecting multiple estimates, you can weed out greedy contractors in the process. In addition, you would be able to establish an estimate of the market price of the project. It is important to note that not every estimate is created equally. It is important for you to review the terms of the agreement such as: the materials, equipment, labor, and more. In other words, know what you are paying for. After evaluating each of the contractors estimates pick the one that will provide you the most value. Here is additional blog post on what to look for in a commercial contractor.

It is important to note, going for the cheapest contractor is not always the best choice. The low cost of the project may lead to poor materials, equipment, and skilled labor on your construction project. It is important to use your best judgement and research in selecting a commercial contractor.

Verify A Contractors License

To prevent a headache, legal liabilities, and money. Before even considering a commercial contractor for an estimate, you need always verify if the individual or company is licensed to perform the duties of the project. It would not make sense to hire someone who does not have the right credentials or certifications to provide contractor services. When verifying the contractor’s information, check for any claims, complaints, or issue on the license. In addition, verify if its current and check if the company name or the individual name tis listed on the license. Keep this information for your records, in cased your asked by a government official.

Verify The Contractors Insurance

General contractors have two forms of insurance: workers compensation and liability insurance. Surprisingly, many contractors’ licenses are suspended or revoked due to no insurance. Typically, because they want to save on the expense. Verify their insurance to avoid any headaches on the project or delays. If something where to happen on the project while a contractor is not insured can suck up the cash flow for the contractor to run the project. In addition, could end or stop the project completely and may lead to legal issues or concerns.

Verify If the Contractor is Bonded

Bonds help protect the client if the contractor fails to fulfil the project. The state of California requires all licensed contractors to be bonded to operate. It is in your best interest to verify the contractor is bonded prior to your consideration.

Commercial Contractors licensed information, insurance, and bonds can be found on the California State License Board website.

Check For Reviews on The Contractor

Customers leave reviews and rating on their contractor experience. Check contractor review sites to learn what past customers say about the contractors you are considering. Reviews will help indicate what kind of experience you will have working with this commercial contractor. In addition, look for validity and reliability in you research. Check for the volume and consistency of what customers say about the contractor.

Ask The Contractor For Professional References

Trustworthy and reputable contractors have references upon request for clients. Typically, you may want to ask this if you cannot find reviews from past customers. Try to get at least several references. Take the time to reach out and ask the references about the commercial contractors. Ask them about their work ethic, project delivery, experience, and communication skills. Eventually, you will find your answer if you want to consider them for your project.

Checklist Summary

It is important to understand your construction needs. Contact multiple contractors and see if their knowledgeable when you show them or talk about your project. Get multiple bids from contractors to ensure your getting a fair and valued project for the right price. In addition, verify all the contractor’s information: license, insurances, and bond prior the consideration. Check for references and reviews to see if your confident in working with this contractor. Finally, you are able to make your hiring decision in selecting a trustworthy commercial contractor.

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