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Termite & Dry Rot Repairs

Termite & Dry Rot Repairs
JMF provides commercial businesses and HOAs with termite and dry rot repair services in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. We help businesses restore their businesses to their natural look, prevent further damage, and improve safety of their environment. Depending on your request we can restore your property to its previous state, or design and build it better than ever.
Termite Damage & Dry Rot Repairs
Termite Damage & Dry Rot Repairs

Termite Damage and How to Recognize it.

Termites are pest that cause commercial businesses and HOAs thousands of dollars in repairs. It is important to notice termite damage as soon as possible, to prevent future damage and safety hazard to the environment. For instance, termite damage can be noticed by the bending or straining of ceilings or walls, mud tunnels on foundations, appearance of termites, and small maze tunnels in wooden structures.

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is caused by the exposure of constant moisture to wood structures. As a result, of constant moisture, the wood becomes rotten. When left untreated the wood develops a harmful fungus that weakens the wood over time. Which leads to the creation of dry rot, which can be found in any  type of commercial businesses or home with wood structures. For instance, it can be found in the trims, sidings, balconies, roofs, decks, patios, doors, windows, and other wood structures.

Termite & Dry Rot Services
JMF offers clients immediate services for the most serious termite and dry rot damage. Prevent your commercial business or HOA today from being a complete loss to termite damage or dry rot, by scheduling an appointment with JMF Commercial Construction.

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