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How Does Cold Weather Impact Commercial Construction?

How Does Cold Weather Impact Commercial Construction

There is no surprise that weather plays a role in commercial construction. Depending on your project, cold weather can impact your commercial construction. Often, cold weather can cause delays in construction, create additional expenses, increased productivity, safety concerns, and further property damage. Therefore, it is important for you to work with your contractor in coordinating a well-planned construction schedule while accounting for weather conditions.

As a business owner, you need to be very mindful in working with a commercial contractor that is insightful and versatile in adjusting to weather conditions. As it can play a huge role in the outcome construction project and your overall experience. Especially if your project is outdoors.

Ultimately, cold weather can either work against you or with you. As a result, we have listed the negative and positive effects of cold weather on commercial construction projects.

Negative Effects Of Cold Weather On Commercial Construction

It is important for you to recognize the negative impact cold weather has on construction to determine whether you should be concerned about it for your project. There are many negative effects of cold weather on commercial construction that can be easily avoided such as:

  • Delayed Construction Projects
  • Higher Labor Costs
  • Damaged Property
  • Construction Restrictions
  • More Building Materials Needed
  • Safety Concerns

Delayed Construction Projects

Construction can be delayed by up to 21% due to poor weather conditions that can impact a project. As a result, project expectations will be negatively affecting customer-contractor relationship, budgets, and deadlines. Ultimately, causing a great inconvenience and loss of profits to business owners.

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Additionally, cold weather can impact the expenses of the overall construction project. For example, damages done to building materials, delayed project results in extended labor costs, additional safety protocols, and more.

For example, cold weather can delay the time it takes for paint and concrete to dry, which can delay the next steps in the construction process.

Higher Labor Costs

Cold weather can increase the labor expense for commercial construction. Contractors need to account for additional labor required to ensure safety of the construction site and to prevent any damages. For example, water resistant tarps may be required to be placed over wood to prevent dry rot.

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Furthermore, project delays may result in shorter workdays for projects, which will accrue more time for construction workers to set up and clean up a construction project each day.

Furthermore, project delays may result in shorter workdays for projects, which will accrue more time for construction workers to set up and clean up a construction project each day.

Damaged Property

Property can be damaged from rain and wind. Rain is an acidic agent that can weaken building materials such stucco, wood, paint, and others. Heavy wind can take down weak structures that are not properly enforced and displace or damage stored materials.

If certain precautions and safety measures are not taken on a construction site, then weather conditions can wreak havoc on your property. For example, heavy rain can leak through a damage or unfinished roofing project cause extensive damage to the property’s structure.

Ultimately, damaged property should be a major concern when managing a construction project. With proper precautions, scheduling, and safety measures you can limit the amount of damage inflicted by weather conditions.  

Construction Restrictions

Cold weather can limit what commercial contractors can do on a construction site. For instance, painting, waterproofing, and sealing can only being done in warmer temperatures. Heavy wind and rainfall can prevent landscaping of commercial properties. Rain will limit the outside electrical work. Groundwork such as excavation cannot be done in cold weather.

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More Building Materials Needed

Disruption of cold weather conditions such as rain and winds can result in the loss building materials. In addition, these weather conditions make it harder to work on projects which may result in more mistakes and required touch ups.

Safety Concerns

Cold weather conditions may require certain safety measures to be taken such as personal protective equipment. Workers will have to keep warm and avoid extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms. For example, workers will need water resistant boots, gloves, jackets, and reflective gear. Some projects may require the need of heaters.

In addition, workers will have to prepare the construction site for weather conditions to limit the amount of property damage accrued by wind and rain. For example, sandbags are used to prevent flooding.

Ultimately, all these required safety measures cost money in materials and labor.

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Positive Effects Of Cold Weather On Commercial Construction

Despite, there being many negative effects of cold weather on commercial construction, there are some positives to cold weather. Cold weather can work towards producing a more productive and clean construction environment.

One of the major safety concerns construction workers face on a construction site is dehydration. Dehydration can result in illness, death, or in most cases low productivity. With cooler weather construction workers can have a better change of staying hydrated when performing heavy manual labor.

In addition, cold weather may be warranted for the construction project. For example, if the project requires demolish, then rain can assist in breaking down building materials.

With rainfall, water can be used to help cleanup any debris or trash on the construction site.

How To Limit The Impact Of Cold Weather Conditions On Your Construction Project

Despite some there being some positives for cold weather conditions, there is a greater overall negative impact cold weather plays in construction. As a result, you should be geared towards limiting the impact liability, cost, and delays for your construction project.

We recommend you hire an experienced and qualified commercial contractor that knows how to adapt and adjust to weather conditions. Work with the contractor in scheduling and planning the construction project. Ensure that your contractor and your team are taking all the right safety measures and precautions in creating a safe construction environment.

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Summary: Cold Weather And Commercial Construction

Cold weather is inevitable, and it can play a great role in a construction projects process and outcome. As a result, you should work with your contractor in mitigating risk that cold weather can play in disrupting your construction timeline, cost, expectations, and project.

Depending on your construction project, you should avoid construction operating in cold weather. For instance, if your project is outside and involves painting, concrete, or masonry work.

Cold weather can create a hazardous work environment, delays, more expenses, and a headache. Despite, its benefits of improved productivity and cleanliness, it still provides a negative impact to both contractors and business owners.

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