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Commercial Carpentry: What You Need To Know

Commercial Carpentry: What You Need To Know

Commercial carpentry is probably the most relevant and dominant trade within commercial construction industry. In commercial construction, projects tend to be much bigger than residential projects. As a result, they typically need the assistance of a commercial carpentry to complete the most common projects such as commercial remodeling and renovations, tenant improvement, and others.

What Is Commercial Carpentry?

Carpentry is a trade within the construction industry. Commercial carpentry is more niche, which only focuses on the commercial sector. The commercial sector includes industries such as:

Commercial carpentry includes the labor of creating structures out of wood such as framing, fixtures, and cabinets. Typically, you will need a carpenter to patch and clean up the work of electricians, plumbers, and other trades after the damage structures.

Who Is A Commercial Carpenter?

A commercial carpenter is an individual specialized in the trade of carpentry that solely focuses on projects within the commercial construction industry. Commercial carpenters are in high demand since there has been a labor shortage. Carpenters are highly skilled and are more versatile than other trades in the industry.

Examples Of Commercial Carpentry

Commercial carpenters can offer both business owners and contractors a variety of services. Which include the installation, creations, repair, and/or replacements of these following structures:

Why Is Commercial Carpentry Important?

Commercial carpenters are important to complete most construction projects. Without commercial carpenters many businesses with be left with poor quality work, incomplete projects, hazardous work environments, and operational limitations. As a result, commercial carpenters are a vital trade within the industry in fulfilling the most essential duties.

How Is Commercial Carpentry Different Than Residential Carpentry?

The difference between commercial carpentry and residential carpentry is the industries. Each require a different set of skills and experience to successfully operate in each industry.

For example, commercial projects will require the following of different regulations and standards than residential projects. Additionally, different permits and inspections may be required.

Furthermore, different materials and equipment may be used. Due to higher expectations and size of the projects in the commercial industry, typically requires the use of much more expensive and larger equipment. However, the residential industry is much larger than the commercial industry.

Summary: Commercial Carpentry

Commercial carpentry is a vital and well versatile trade within the commercial construction industry. They help fulfil the essential task of most construction project such as remodels, renovations, tenant improvements, and repairs.

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