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Does My Business Need ADA Compliance?

ADA Compliance construction Blog

Yes, “all places of public gathers” need to be accessible to people with psychical limitations. Title III of the Americans With Disability Act (ADA) states that every type of business needs to meet ADA Standards. Which includes schools, hotels, medical centers, gyms, office, retailers, and more need to be accessible for all. Property managers and owners of a leased property are obligated to be ADA complaint. Responsibility cannot be pushed onto tenants by the landlords. However, court will consider a landlords good faith in meeting ADA standards.

What Are The ADA Requirements Of Title III That Your Business Should Consider?

Regarding public accommodations, requirements of ADA Title III can be met following these three general requirements:

  • Existing Facilities
  • New Construction and Alterations in Existing Facilities

According to title III of the ADA, existing facilities are buildings built before 1993. These buildings are required to remove any architectural and structural barriers where removal is readily achievable. Readily achievable means that it can be done easily. For example, removing a piece of a wall that is blocking a walkway, quick restroom upgrades such as handrails, or adding handicap spaces to the parking lot. If ADA concerns are nor readily achievable then be handled to the “maximum extent feasible” For example, because of failing to remove a barrier to improve accessibility, additional assistance must be given to individuals that need assistance. Nowadays, this can be seen very commonly with curbside pick up from retails or home delivery.

Any new construction and alteration done to existing buildings must involve ADA complaint upgrades. For example, if you are adding a new entrance to your facility that is on a hill. The new construction or alteration to your structure will make you obligated to add a ramp to the entrance. Another example is adding a new restroom, handrails and a handicap stall must be added to the restroom.

ADA Complaint Summary

Depending on your building or construction needs will dictate what ADA requirements you will have to meet. ADA compliance on whether your obligated to follow can be found under Title III of ADA. Ultimately, making ADA compliance upgrades can be costly but at the same time rewarding. It can provide your customers with a more inviting environment. Talk to your commercial contractor about what ADA complaint upgrades that your commercial space needs.

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