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How To Improve Your Commercial Business With Exterior Remodeling

How To Improve Your Commercial Business With Exterior Remodeling

Boosting the appearance of your commercial business is probably one of your company’s most valuable tactics in driving customers into your doors. The exterior of your commercial property is what will help you attract, and appeal drive by customers to your business. It is a point where a consumer will initially develop a perception of your brand.

Customers want to shop or do business at a company that has safe, presentable, and inviting environment. Therefore, many business look to commercial remodeling of the building in hope to improve its marketability to customers.

Commercial remodeling is the construction process of altering/changing of existing structures and buildings. For example, a business may decide to replace the entire façade of their storefront. By putting up new paint, lighting fixtures, and a new structural design.

Overview: How To Improve Your Commercial Business With Exterior Remodeling

There are many ways your can help draw in more customers to your business by improving the exterior of your commercial business. Here are 6 ways you can help improve the external environment of your commercial business to appeal to more customers:

  1. Façade Upgrade And Design
  2. Brand Your Property
  3. Create A More Inviting Landscape
  4. Pavement Repairs And ADA Compliance
  5. Improved Lighting
  6. Security Upgrades

Façade Upgrade And Design

A façade is the front portion of a building. Facades are a great way for a company to appeal, communicate, and connect with your audience. Facades help paint a perception of a brand, which can be both a positive and negative one. As a business owner/leader, it is best to keep your façade design upgraded and well designed to help make great first impressions to customers, visitors, and employees.

With facades businesses have a variety of ways to customize their facades to showcase their products, services, logos, and promotions. Facades can be designed with stone, tile, metal panels, wood, and by other building materials. As a company, you want to use a designed that will help represent your brand to your audience.

Commercial Facades

For example, some business may go for a more modern look, while others go for a more industrial look. In addition, you would want to include your brand colors on your façade to help create an environment more tailored to your brand.

Brand Your Property

The exterior of your commercial property reflects your business. It is what visually communicates to your audience as to what your business is. As a result, when you are remodeling your commercial business, you should look to prioritizing your branding.

Commercial remodeling gives businesses the chance to sell themselves to visitors and create a consistent experience throughout a company. For example, if you are a business that looks to create a fun, exciting, and family-oriented environment, then you would probably remodel your property to create and reflect such an environment. For instance, you may include flowers, tables, and trees.

Additionally, you should use colors that help reflect with your brand. Going back to a family or friendly oriented environment, you would use colors that are orange and yellow. If you are going for a more corporate look, then use colors blue or gray.

Create A More Inviting Landscape

Most exterior commercial remodels include landscaping. Landscaping helps bring life and inviting environment to a business. It helps increase the value of your property and surround area. With proper landscaping businesses can actually reduce the heating in their facilities and reduce air conditioning costs.

A well-built landscape for a business helps visitors, employees, and customers feel more welcomed to your business. Especially, if the property is well maintained.

Pavement Repairs And ADA Compliance

Exterior remodeling opens the door for a commercial business to make pavements repairs and any ADA complaint upgrades to walkways and parking lots.

Overtime, pavement begins to weaken, developing cracks and chips that create an ugly and even hazardous environment. Therefore, many businesses look to replace or repair the old concrete.

handicap parking

Exterior remodeling gives businesses the opportunity to make their business ADA compliant and more accessible to individuals by installing railings and ramps along walkways. In addition, to any required handicap parking stalls.

Improved Lighting

Attract and appeal to customers with improved lighting. Many commercial businesses look to highlight a call to action with the correct lighting on their building’s façade. Furthermore, improved lighting can make your business more energy efficient, which will decrease the cost of your utility expenses. For example, some businesses use censored lights.

In addition, lighting helps improve the safety and security of the environment in the evening and nighttime.  It also creates deterrence for vandalism, burglary, and other crimes from occurring on your property.

Security Upgrades

Customers and employees want to know they are safe when occupying your property. Therefore, many businesses look to install security upgrades during their commercial remodels of their building’s exterior.

Some security upgrades include:

  • Security cameras
  • Lights
  • Security alarms
  • Reinforced doors
  • Signage
  • Fencing

Security helps limit liability for a business, while boosting the confidence of employees and customers. In addition, security will help increase the value of your property and has the potentially of deterring future crime from occurring.

Summary: How To Improve Your Commercial Business With Exterior Remodeling

If you are looking to do an exterior remodel on your commercial business, then we recommend you make improvements to your buildings: branding, façade, security, pavement, ADA compliance, lighting, and landscaping. Creating a more appealing, safe, and branded environment, will help your business in connecting with your audience and acquiring more customers.

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