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For Business Owners: How To Plan For Commercial Remodeling

For Business Owners: How To Plan For Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodeling can be quite hectic if you do not know where to start or how the construction process even works. To make the commercial remodeling process more simple and less overwhelming, you need to plan for it. Planning for a remodel of your property can help you get direction on what you are looking for in a remodel.

But before we begin, let me define Commercial Remodeling. Commercial remodeling is the process of changing a structure or building. In most cases, businesses change their property to tailor more to fit their business operations, expand, and become more efficient. Often, remodeling is mistaking for renovating, which is the process of improving a structure, do not get them confused.

Planning your remodeling project will require some time and effort. However, it will be rewarding in helping you in achieving a successful remodeling project that has been made easier and more affordable.

Overview: 8 Tips To Plan Commercial Remodeling

To help you plan for your commercial remodeling project, we have recommended 6 tips you should following when creating a plan:

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Know What You Are Looking For
  3. Research Existing Building Code Violations
  4. Set Your Budget
  5. Get Multiple Estimates
  6. Hire The Right Contractor
  7. Create A Deadline
  8. Monitor And Evaluate Construction Results

1) Define Your Goals

 For your commercial remodeling project to be successful you need to define your goals. What are you trying to achieve by getting your commercial property remodeled?

Here are some common goals our clients have:

  • Improve efficiency of the workplace
  • Expand or add extra space
  • To make the workplace more inviting and appealing
  • To bring in more business
  • Adapt to changes
  • Become current with building codes
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs
  • Tenant improvement

Ultimately, there should be a purpose driven for you to want your commercial property to be remodeled. By knowing what you are trying to achieve, then you will have a better idea on what you are looking for in a remodel.

2) Know What You Are Looking For

It is best to have a good picture on what you are looking for in a commercial remodel. For example, you may want to redo the entire structural layout of the building or add additional rooms to the building. Nevertheless, what you are looking for should be in the mindset to help you achieve your business goals.

The more certain and clear you are on how you want your property remodeled, will limit the amount of change orders in the future. In addition, it will eliminate any confusion between you, the contractor, and the architect. Bids will be more accurate and project deadlines will be more realistic. Ultimately, you will save more money and have a smoother commercial remodeling process.

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3) Research Existing Building Code Violations

Prior to remodeling your commercial property, you want to check to make sure if you’re building up to code. Overtime, building codes change, if your property has not been remodeling or renovated in the past decade then there are probably a few possible building code violations that need attention.

Getting your commercial property up to code can help you avoid any legal consequences or monetary fines. Some violations can actually shut your business down until addressed. For example, if there is a safety issue with the structure of the building.

Avoid the headache by researching and finding out what changes need to be done for your commercial remodeling project to become compliant.

4) Set Your Budget

Construction can be quite expensive the more complex and bigger the project is. As a result, many business need to rely on a lot of cash flow or loans to help fund remodeling projects. Be prepared by setting a budget you can afford to work with.

Be sure to allocate funds for change orders, unforeseen expenses, and unexpected delays. As it can be common for hiccups to occur during construction. For example, there can be a supply shortage or delay on getting required permits.

Poor planning can result in legal trouble, delay projects, and incomplete remodels. Nevertheless, its best that you are financially prepared.

5) Get Multiple Estimates

It is best to pay market value for your construction projects. To obtain a market value for your commercial remodeling project you should get multiple estimates from at least 3 contractors.

Unfortunately, there are contractors out there that will try to mark up their prices unreasonably to negligent business leaders. Avoid getting screwed by getting competitive bids for your project.

Be aware of the lowest bidder. Just because they are cheaper does not mean they are the best choice. It is best to use your best judgement in hiring the right contractor, as it can reflect the success and cost of your remodeling project.

6) Hire The Right Contractor

Hiring the right contractor is imperative for the success of any construction project. Especially, when you have remodeling projects ranging from $25,000 to $1 million. Construction for your commercial business is a huge investment. As a result, you need to be skeptical with contractors, so you can hire the right one you feel most confident in.

To hire the right contractor, you need to do some research on the construction companies you are considering. For instance, you want to check if they are licensed, insured, and bonded, which can be found on the Contractors State License Board.

Additionally, you want to view the construction companies past projects through their website or through their social media profiles. Review their reputation by checking if they have reliable and valid reviews online. Some sites to consider are Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Trust Pilot.

Furthermore, you want to meet with each contractor to ask questions and evaluate their expertise. See if they are engaged and provide insights to your project. Ask them if they have worked on similar projects with similar business to yours.

Basically, you need to be sure you are hiring the right contractor, because a large financial investment put in the wrong hands can put your business ask risk. In addition, you want to get the best value for your money.

Key Qualities To Look For In A Commercial Contractor Commercial Construction Blogs

7) Create A Deadline

Creating a deadline creates accountability for when the contractor needs the project completed. Without a deadline it will create a lack of urgency to complete your remodeling project. Which may impact your business operations, reputation, and profit. Therefore, it is important for you to create a realistic timeline for project completion.

Partner with the contractor in establish a reasonable timeline for project completion. Throughout the construction project be in communication with the contractor to get updates. Hold the contractor accountable if they are not holding up the sense of urgency in completing your project. However, it is important to be mindful of unforeseen and uncontrollable events that creates delays in project delivery.

8) Monitor And Evaluate Construction Results

If they are not doing the job correctly or safely, then pull them off the job. To do this you must monitor and evaluate the construction project, so you achieve your desired results. Occasionally, you want to check in with the status of the project.

Checkout the jobsite to see if they are keeping it clean, safe, and are meeting deadlines. If you are not seeing the results you want, then communicate with your contractor. If no improvements are made its time to move on. Time is money, and the longer your business is getting remodeled, then the greater impact is having on your operations.

Overview: How To Plan For Commercial Remodeling

Planning for commercial remodels can be stressful and difficult to do. However, with the experience you get and the more you address your planning, the easy it will be.

To plan effectively for your commercial remodeling project be sure to use our following tips:

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Know What You Are Looking For
  3. Research Existing Building Code Violations
  4. Set Your Budget
  5. Get Multiple Estimates
  6. Hire The Right Contractor
  7. Create A Deadline
  8. Monitor And Evaluate Construction Results

These goals will guide your remodel to success. If you are interested in hiring a commercial contractor for a remodeling project, then contact JMF Commercial Construction today.

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JMF Commercial Construction is an experienced licensed contractor serving commercial and light industrial businesses, and HOA Property Management. We provide convenient and quality services to the Los Angeles & Orange County businesses.

To start your next commercial construction project today! Contact JMF Commercial Construction for an Estimate.

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