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8 Tips For Remodeling Your Commercial Business

8 Tips For Remodeling Your Commercial Business

Eventually, every business leader will meet the milestone of needing remodeling for their commercial business. Commercial remodeling gives businesses the opportunity to make their businesses run more efficiently and effectively to help them achieve their business goals. One of the main purposes remodeling is so popular among business, is to get your property to be complementary to your business.

Remodeling is the process of adding, altering, or changing of an existing structure. For example, many businesses look to improve the energy efficiency of the property by replacing poor quality lighting. In addition, many businesses look to improve the floor plan of their building to improve operational efficiency. Others may look to improve safety hazards or to meet legal guidelines such as ADA Compliance.

Remodeling your business can be quite overwhelming and scary to business owners and leaders. Whether you are looking to remodel your current facility or your new one, you should follow our tips to help ensure a successful remodeling project.

Overview: 8 Tips For Remodeling Your Commercial Business

Depending on your project size and complexity may determine how invested you are in your remodeling project. Some remodeling projects can be quick and simple, while others are more complicated.

Nevertheless, we have complied a list of 8 tips to help your remodel your commercial business with peace at mind:

  1. Know What You Are Trying To Achieve
  2. Set A Budget
  3. Create A Timeline
  4. Hire The Right Contractor
  5. Review The Buildings MEP
  6. Target Any Violations
  7. Inform Your Customers And Employees
  8. Work With Your Contractor

1) Know What You Are Trying To Achieve

Knowing what you want to achieve with your commercial remodel will give your project direction. You want yourself, your team, and your contractor to know what you are trying to achieve. As a result, you are getting everyone to work towards a common goal.

Furthermore, by knowing what you are trying to achieve, you will be mapping out the plan for the remodeling project. For example, if you are looking to create a more collaborative work environment for your employees, then you would probably look to remove walls in your facility.

Ultimately, by knowing what your want, you can potentially reduce the number of changes orders you will request from the contractor later on. As a result, you will save on any change orders or delays from your project.

2) Set A Budget

Setting a budget may be difficult for a business leader to obtain. Usually, what happens is a company will create a budget for a remodeling project that does not reflect the reality of the market value to complete a remodeling project of that desire. As a result, we typically recommend business leaders to meet with contractors and get bids prior to setting their inaccurate budget.

Typically, you would want to seek estimates from at least 3 contractors. Some contractors may charge for bids, while some may not. Either way it is up to you to elevate each bid to learn the market value for services and materials needed for your project. Then you can establish a realistic and more accurate budget on what you want done.

Setting your budget can also be beneficial for you to free up cashflow to fund projects. In addition, it can also help you set up expectations for the project.

Why The Cost Of Commercial Construction Has Increased In 2021

3) Create A Timeline

Creating a timeline creates a sense of accountability for both you and the contractor. Timelines should be established to express the expected end date of the remodeling project. Timelines need to be reasonable and realistic to achieve.

Creating a timeline that is too short will be discouraging to contractors in wanting to take on your project. A timeline too long will make the project seem unserious and there will be less eagerness by the contractor.

Ultimately, you want a timeline that will work with your contractor and you. Additionally, you want to hold the contractor accountable for meeting your deadlines.

4) Hire The Right Contractor

Selecting the right contractor for your commercial remodeling project can play a large role in the success of your project. For example, it can influence how much you spend on the project, how long it will take, and the quality of work.

Nevertheless, hiring the right contractor can be quite simple. Select a contractor with a fair bid, not necessarily the cheapest. Additionally, you want to hire a contractor with past experience doing commercial remodeling projects. Usually, you would want a contractor who is experienced in working with businesses in like yours.

The right contractor will answer all of questions and will provide additional insights to your projects such as ADA Compliance, safety, and building code concerns.

construction workers

5) Review The Buildings MEP

Prior to starting a remodeling project, you always want to review the buildings mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP). All of these factors play a role in the level of health and safety in a commercial building.

If your building has not been remodeled or building within the last decade, then you may have a few code violations that need to be address, as building codes are always being added or changed.

Partner with your contractor in addressing your MEP of your building to ensure safety of your customers and employees, and to avoid legal consequences by the city.

6) Target Any Violations

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Building Permit

One of your areas of concern for your commercial remodeling project should be to address any building violations or ADA compliance issues. For example, does your commercial business have enough fire sprinklers available and working? Perhaps, your restrooms need to be adjusted to ADA complaint standards.

Nevertheless, by working with a quality and experienced contractor you can solve these issues as they are a common violation for most commercial businesses.

7) Inform Your Customers And Employees

Do not forget to inform your customers and employees about the construction project. Some projects may prevent you from operating and others may not. Use your best judgement in communicating with your customers and employees on your during construction operations. A heads up place a large role in customer satisfaction and employee morale.

8) Work With Your Contractor

It is unrealistic to just hire a construction contractor and that it. In reality, you should be involved in the project to assist the contractor in having access to the facility or blocking off operations. Additionally, you want to make the process as easy for the contractor to avoid any delays, cost, and future headaches.

Summary: 8 Tips For Remodeling Your Commercial Business

Remodeling your business can be a smooth and exciting process as long as you are involved with the contractor and you’re a working towards your business goals. If you are pursuing a remodeling project, be sure to address any violations and to inform your customers and employees.

Furthermore, you want to review your MEP and set up a budget for your project. Hire the right contractor that you will be confident in fulfilling your project. Hold the contractor accountable for meeting deadlines but provide them with tools and resources of being successful.

If you are interested in commercial remodeling, then contact JMF Commercial Construction today to get started.

Partner With JMF Commercial Construction

JMF Commercial Construction is an experienced licensed contractor serving commercial and light industrial businesses, and HOA Property Management. We provide convenient and quality services to the Los Angeles & Orange County businesses.

To start your next commercial construction project today! Contact JMF Commercial Construction for an Estimate.

Email us at or call us at (562)572-8354.

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