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Office Construction Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Office Construction Post Covid-19 Pandemic

In 2020, the coronavirus has changed the world’s perceptions on many things. Public gatherings and workplaces can be seen as a hazardous environment. As a result, many employees have started to work remotely fearing of contracting the virus at the workplace.

However, many know that this will not last forever. So many business have already started to make improvements to their office space to be more accommodating and safer for employees. In addition, many landlords and property management companies have taken measures in creating more flexible tenant improvements and accommodations for office space rentals.

5 Office Construction Trends Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Here are the latest office construction trends in a post covid-19 pandemic:

  • Floor Plan Redesign
  • Air Quality Improvements
  • Use Of Easy Of Safer Materials
  • A More Open Environment
  • Touchless Technology

Floor Plan Redesign

Bamboo and Cork Flooring

One way to combat infectious disease concerns in an office environment is by rearranging your office space’s floor plan. Before, offices were designed to encourage and enable interactions between employees. However, in today’s society this is no longer acceptable.

As a result, many businesses have already made the necessary changes in their floor plan to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and to protect their employees. Some changes to a floor plan may include barriers, unclutter, and more spaced out in effort to limit interaction between both customers and employees.

Air Quality Improvements

The air quality of an office space is a great concern to both employees and customers. Therefore, many businesses have drawn their attention to improving the air quality of their offices.

Typically, the office manager will get their air inspected and will hire a commercial contractor to make improvements to address the air quality. Some of the upgrades include the installation of an automated air system and windows to help improve clean air circulation. Additionally, many businesses have installed UV lighting which can be harmful to both viruses and bacteria.

Use Of Safer Materials

To help stop the spread of infections viruses and germs, many businesses including offices have started to utilize easy to clean and safer building materials. These safer materials consist of brass, copper, bronze, and others which have a few hours life span for viruses and bacteria. Avoid using steel and plastic which has a much longer lifespan for bacteria and viruses. Additionally, offices have started to utilize wood and carpet floor as they are easier to clean.

Commercial Office Renovation services

A More Open Environment

One of the most obvious ways of preventing the spread of the coronavirus in an office space is to create a less cluttered office environment. Typically, this may involve the redesign of your floor plan, but the goal is to limit the interaction individuals may have while stationary. The primary goal is to separate employees from one another.

As a result, many offices have hired a commercial contractor to remove confined spaces or to expand existing ones such as break rooms, conferences rooms, and other common spaces. Some have even gone to the extent of an entire office remodel or expansion of the commercial property to help unclutter the office space.

Touchless Technology

Upgrade your office with touchless technology which helps limit the spread of Covid-19. Touchless technology is censored and detects motion. Fortunately, offices have an abundant access to a variety of touchless technology options such as:

  • Censored lighting
  • Motioned doors
  • Censored sinks, toilets, and facets
  • Automated gates
  • Smart controls

Touchless technology will help prevent the physical contact of germs and virus throughout the office. Ultimately, protecting both staff and customers.

Summary: Office Construction Post Pandemic

The world as we known is has changed from the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, many office businesses need to maintain a workforce by implementing safety measures in preventing the spread of an infectious disease.

Lately, many businesses have utilized the use of touchless technology, opened spaces, new floor plans, safe materials, and air quality upgrades to stop the spread of the virus and alleviate employee anxiety of the virus.

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