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5 Commercial Painting Trends For 2021

5 Commercial Painting Trends For 2021

The success of your business is largely affected by the attractiveness, safety, and durability off your commercial property. As a result, many business often seek commercial construction services, to help maintain and improve their environment. Often, many of these business will eventually look to repair structures, renovate, or remodel their building, which typically involves new paint.

In 2021, many business are adapting making changes to their commercial property to adapt to trends. Commercial painting being one of the most popular. New paint adds value to a property by making it look more inviting and presentable.

If you are interested in commercial painting in 2021, then take advantage of these trends:

  • Durability
  • Balance Of Color
  • Color Variation
  • Sustainability
  • Marketability

Durability And Quality

Many businesses are investing in durable and quality paint that are capable of withstanding wear and tear such rain, snow, sunlight, and physical damage. Additionally, better paint can be more resistant to fading, chips, and cracks.

The quality and durability of your property’s paint is essential for your over all presentation of your business and how you customers and employees perceive your business. By partnering with an experience commercial painting contractor, you will be able to apply the best available paint for your property.

Balance Of Color

The color you decide on for your commercial property matters. Therefore, it is best for you to select the most practical colors for both your interior and exterior property. The color you paint your commercial business will impact how people feel about your business employee and customer.

Employees can lose motivation and productivity based off your dull and unappealing color selection. While customers may feel uninvited and intimidated by a look.

This is because colors provide us with meaning and messages. They give us make us feel something psychologically. To learn more about color psychology read this blog post by JMF Digital Marketing “What Colors Attract Customers To Buy.”

paint colors

Ultimately, you want to select complementary colors that will balance each other out. The positives of both colors will emotionally attract employees and customers, while canceling out each other’s negative effects.

Color Variation

It is not recommended to just paint the exterior or exterior of your building with just one color. That provides your commercial property with a boring a dull look without the balance of color.

For example, you can use a secondary color for the trims of a building, or on alternate walls.

When you are getting your commercial property painted, it is your opportunity in being creative in using colors of your brand. Ultimately, you will see that color variation will provide your commercial business with more value and energy.


In 2021, the world is more environmentally cautious than ever. As a result, businesses have a social responsibility in preserving the environments they serve. One way business has been doing this is by choosing more eco-friendly paint for their commercial buildings.

For example, lighter colored paint of a building exterior can help reflect heat and regulate temperate. As a result, this will prevent the use of a costly HVAC system.

If you are painting the interior of your building, then you may want to decide on low or no-VOC paints and coatings. This helps improve the air quality of the environment and makes the air cleaner.


Many businesses are using every opportunity to maximize their marketability to obtain new customers and build brand awareness. Therefore, commercial painting is no exception and should be strategically placed to maximize your company’s marketability.

In 2021, many businesses are using colors of their brand on the exterior of their building and throughout the interior. If done correctly, paint can be applied to help draw passer byers into your business. In addition, the colors/paint can be used to control where your audience will look. As a result, many businesses strategize the use of their colors for their call to actions, promotions, and sales.

Summary: Commercial Painting Trends For 2021

Whether you are looking to get the interior and/or exterior of your commercial property painted for 2021, you should use the opportunity to adapt to today’s trends. You may find the improve your properties durability, balance of color, color variation, sustainability, and marketability can actually be beneficial and profitable for your business.

If you are interested in commercial painting services, then partner with JMF Commercial Construction today to get started.

Partner With JMF Commercial Construction

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