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What Are Renovations?

What are renovations

Renovations is the construction process of improving broken, damaged, or outdated structures. Typically, renovations can usually be either commercial or residential. Many people seek renovations to make improvements to their home or business.

Often, many get renovation confused with remodeling and restoration. However, they are different. Remodeling is the process of changing an existing structure, while restoration is the process of making an existing structure new again.

Why Are Renovations Important?

Renovations are an important process of preserving a building or structure from being inhabitable, unusable, or too outdated. Eventually, every building or structure will experience renovations within in their lifetime use. Renovations can extend the lifetime use of a structure or building, improve its value, and efficiency.

Many commercial businesses and homeowners seek renovations to help preserve, maintain, and improve their property.

What Are Commercial Renovations?

Commercial renovations are renovations designed for commercial businesses such as: hospitality, healthcare, real estate, light industrial, and others.

JMF Commercial Construction Commercial Businesses construction services

Usually, businesses seek renovations to improve the appearance of their facility by rebranding or approving its appeal. Additionally, businesses may seek renovations to help improve the buildings sustainability and efficiency. Furthermore, renovations can limit the number of repairs and maintenance required on commercial property.

Commercial Renovation Examples

Commercial renovations are a common service among the commercial construction industry. They look to improve, upgrade, and replace damaged or outdated structures and buildings. Here are a few examples of commercial renovations:

  1. A restaurant has experienced wear and tear on their kitchen floor. As a result, they hire a commercial contractor to replace the flooring with new flooring.
  2. A warehouse wants to become more efficient by cutting cost on their utility expenses. As a result, they hired a commercial contractor to install efficient lighting and low flow fixtures throughout the facility.
  3. A commercial business wants to attract a new clients, so they hired a contractor to rebrand their exterior of their building with new paint.

What Are Residential Renovations?

Construction Blogs How To Hire the Right Contractor For My HOA

Residential renovations are renovations done to homes such as: houses, apartments, condominiums, and other forms of housing. Residential renovations are improvements and updates made to homes.

Homeowners often seek renovations to improve the quality of life at home. Others get renovations to improve their property value, which enables them to sell their home or rent it out for a higher rate.

Residential Renovation Examples

There are many different types of residential renovations, that will vary on size and complexity based off the homeowners needs. Here is a list of a few examples of residential renovations:

  1. The exterior of property of a homeowner’s house is has not been properly maintained and requires the replacement of weaken structures.
  2. A home needs to renovate their home to prepare the property for sale. Therefore, a contractor is hired for new painting and general repairs.

How Do Commercial Renovations Differ From Residential Renovations?

Commercial renovations and residential renovations vary based off the structures and buildings being renovated. Additionally, depending on the type of building, residential or commercial, will dictate which materials, equipment, and contractor that will be needed. The type of permits and building regulations will also vary between commercial and residential.

HOA board members and property managers have the task of preserving a safe and community-oriented environment for all HOA Members. One of their obligations is choosing the right construction contractor to perform services on their communities. However, many HOA officials find it appealing to seek out cheap contractors, failing to recognize their poor quality craftmanship and service. However, this blog post will inform you the why you should hire a quality contractor to protect your HOAs property, bottom line, and your employment. The Importance Of Selecting A Quality Contractor For Your Homeowner Association If you are a board member or a property manager of an HOA, then you know how often you must seek construction services. Whether its general maintenance, repairs, ADA Compliance, renovations for your clubhouse, or any other structural upgrades. Community officials are responsible for selecting contractors for the jobs. As well as, coordinating the project to construction company. In addition, they must oversee those construction projects in the community and hold the general contractor accountable for their results. Typically, HOA board members or property managers fail to gather a selection of contractors. Often, they opt for the first general contractor that comes their way or select the least expensive one. However, failing to select a quality contractor can lead to both short- and long-term liability for the HOA. How To Find A Good Contractor For My HOA? Many board members and property managers just do not know how to find the right contractor. However, it is quite simple. Here are a few tips on how to find the right contractor for your HOA. • Google search for multiple local construction companies • Check local directories and review sites • Ask friends, coworkers, and family members if they know of a good contractor • Mention it on your HOA’s website that you are interested in partnering with licensed contractors Selecting A Good Contractor For Your HOA Many contractors will claim they are the “best” or “top” construction company in the industry. However, all this time this is a lie. To find out if a contractor reliable, skilled, knowledge, and overall good you must do some research. Here are a few steps you can take in finding the right contractor. • See what past customers say about their experience with the construction company o Read reviews and testimonials (if any) • Go to their website and review their portfolio or gallery of past projects. • Talk/interview multiple contractors • Receive multiple bids from contractors • Select the contractor you fill most confident and comfortable with What Kind Of Liability Do I Risk With A Bad Contractor? Construction is a very dynamic and high risked industry. Many things can go wrong if you hire a bad contractor. HOAs can face a variety of liabilities and consequences such as: • Safety – for example, if the construction company fails to clean up after a workday, and an HOA member comes by and steps on a nail or sharp glass. • Legal Issues – for example, if a contractor is not licensed and gets injured on your HOA, then you could be sued damages. • Delayed Projects – for example, if your HOA needs the pool area remodeled before spring, but the contractor is not even close to meeting that deadline. • Further Construction Work – typically a bad contractor will not get the job done the first time and may require another contractor to come in a fix or finish the project. • Upset Tenants – Often, construction can be inconvenient for many. For example, delayed projects can affect tenants plans to visit pool area if its still be remodeled in the spring. • Bad Reputation – Board members and property managers will face scrutiny by homeowners for hiring a bad contractor. • Financial Loss – the liabilities or consequences above can negatively impact the HOA’s bottom line. • Loss of Employment – Board members and property managers are responsible for driving successful results for the community. However, if this is not accomplished, then they get fired and replaced. How Quality Contractors Will Mitigate Risk There are many ways a quality contractor can help alleviate any potential risk as stated earlier in this blog. Quality contractors have the proper credentials to perform construction services. They deliver HOAs a professional and safety community environment. In addition, they provide quality results. Quality Contractors Are Licensed, Insured, and Bonded HOA officials need to work to find a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor to avoid any hiccups in the construction process. In California, general contractors a required to be licensed, insured, and bonded by the California State License Board. It is required for someone to be unlicensed and the perform a construction project with a value over $500 dollars. In addition, contractors must have current insurance both: workers compensation and legal liability. Workers compensation protects workers financial if they are injured from work. Legal liability protects the contractor if there is any property damage, accident, or injury on the job. Bonds are designed to fund a project to completion if the contractor is unable to fulfil the project. Anyone can verify this information on CSLB Website, as well as review any reported fines, penalties, or complaints against the contractor. Quality Construction Experience Quality contractors are well established with the resources, knowledge, and training to fulfil project needs. Good contractors hire skilled employees and seek the best materials for the project. They know what the best practices are to meet the project demands. For example, if they are unable to complete a specialty portion of a project, they know to subcontract out. Good contractors are safe contractors. Safe contractors provide proper signage and fence or caution of the construction area or site. They communicate with residents, board members, and property managers on the construction work, potential hazards, and inconveniences. Quality Results For Your Homeowner Association Homeowner associations are filled with tenants and visitors daily. It is important for HOAs to showcase the appearance of their community with the best quality craftsmanship possible. Good contractors deliver on quality results for your HOA which include the presentation and safety of your HOA during and after the construction process. Quality craftmanship provides proper support for structures built by the contractor. The longevity of these structures will save your community money on maintenance and repairs. For example, a good contractor provides fencing services, and installs a fence or wall on the exterior of the HOA. The quality of the fence and they way it was construction has made it durable. Structures such as walls and roofs will meet California seismic standards and sustain itself during seismic activities. The Homeowner Association And The Quality Contractor Despite the benefits of hiring a good contractor, tenants may challenge the decision of board members and property managers on spending more for a quality contractor. HOA officials need to be prepared to inform tenants on the short- and long-term benefits of selecting a great construction company, versus a cheap one. Eventually, HOAs will establish a long-lasting partnership with a reliable, convenient, and quality contractor. However, it is important to continuously evaluate and hold contractors accountable for their results. Summary Ultimately, board members and property managers are always striving to put the interest of the community first. However, they often get caught up in hiring a cheap contractor, who will cost the HOA more in the long run. It is important for them to hire quality contractors that will limit the amount of risk and cost of a construction project. Which will provide a safe and respectable environment for your community. Share your decisions with homeowners, with homeowners so they understand the merits of a hiring quality contractors and their impact on the HOA. Construction Blogs

Summary: What Are Renovations

Renovations are upgrades, improvements, and repairs made to buildings and structures. They are important for preserving a building or structures usability, value, and lifetime use. Renovations are a common construction service in both the residential and commercial industry. Each varying in their own requirements, expertise, and end products.

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What are renovations
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What Are Renovations?

Renovations is the construction process of improving broken, damaged, or outdated structures. Typically, renovations can usually be either commercial or residential. Many people seek renovations

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