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The Commercial Renovation Process

Commercial Renovation Process Blog

Just like many processes in the commercial construction industry, the renovation process is no different. It is best to plan for your renovation process for success. This blog will provide you a step-by-step process for successful renovation project. Below are the listed steps needed you need to take:

  • Determine what you want to achieve from this renovation project
  • Determine what needs to be done and plan
  • Establish a budget
  • Select a qualified contractor for the job
  • Discover the roles and responsibilities for your project
  • Implement the plan/contract

Renovation Project Objectives

What is the purpose of this renovation project? Many businesses seek renovation services to rebrand themselves, in hope to attract more customers. Other companies renovate their business so they can lease or sell their commercial property. Some businesses renovate their business just so its well maintained. More importantly, you must consider renovating your business to become more effective and efficient. Renovations can lead to improvements on your commercial property to meet ADA compliance. Fire codes, building codes and regulations, and other mandates. Maybe you would like your business to be well maintained to be presentable for customers.

Each of these reasons are a common objective by business owners/managers to renovate their business. Objectives provide managers and owners with a vision on what to look for as the outcome of the renovation project.

What Needs To Be Done And Make A Plan

Now that you have your objective for the renovation project, what would you need to do to accomplish your objective? For example, if you would like to rebrand your company will you change the floor plan of the property, add new paint to their exterior and replace all the lighting. Ultimately, your discovering what services will you need to be done. Is there ADA compliance work that needs to be done, seismic retrofitting, restoration, and/or repairs? Brainstorm with your team, to plan out what needs to be done to accomplish your objectives. Once accomplished you can determine your budget.

Determine Your Budget

How much money will you allocate for this commercial renovation project? Depending on the project, its complexity and size can greatly influence the cost. For example, the more complex and bigger the project is the more expensive it will be. This is because it will require more effort by the contractor and may leader to the hiring of more subcontractors. Versus, small and more simpler projects are rather done more quickly and for a lower cost.

The importance of allocating a budget is to set money aside to fund your project. Many businesses fail to properly budget their money to pay for renovation services. Typically, this is a result of having multiple change orders that can greatly increase the cost of your initial contract. This makes the planning of the commercial renovation project so important. If your concerned about the cost of your renovation project, then click here to find out what impacts the cost of a project.

Hire A Commercial Contractor

Finding the right contractor that will deliver the most value to your renovation project. Determine what means the most to you and your team. For example, is cost a priority, quality, timeliness, convenience, experience, knowledge, and more. All of those characteristics will weigh differently towards you choosing contractor based off your preference. You should consider getting at least 3 estimates from 3 contractors to give yourself more options on selecting the right contractor for the job. Verify that all contractors you work with are licensed, insured & bonded. This information can be verified on the California State License Board Website. If you are interested in learning more about hiring the right contractor, then click here.

Discover The Roles And Responsibilities For Your Project

For your business it is important to determine who will be overseeing the contractor. This will ensure quality assurance. This individual will also make sure that there is progress on the project as well as the contract is being fulfilled. Who will be the primary contact for the project? If the contractor needs to get a hold of your company, then who will answer. Who will be responsible for payments for the contractor?

Ask the commercial contractor who will be overseeing their project on their end. Typically, this is the project manager. The project manager oversees the entire project and is usually the primary contact for the construction company. Their job is to meet your deadlines and fulfill the contract without problems.

Renovation Project Summary

This process should be used as an idea of how you should carry out your commercial renovation project. Not every project will be the same. Some projects may not need as much planning as others or roles and responsibilities. Use your best judgement to find out what makes your renovation process as smooth as possible.

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