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Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management

JMF helps commercial property managers meet their tenants needs with repairs, maintenance, tenant improvements in the Los Angeles & Orange County Area. Free estimate

Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Services

JMF provides a wide variety of ADA Compliant upgrades for commercial business such as: parking lots, restrooms, reception, office areas, walkways, ramps, handrails, detectable markers, accessible doors, and signage.

We serve commercial businesses with temporary security barricades, full repair, rebuild, or restoration from fire, water, and vehicle damage.

Preserve the environment of your commercial business with drywall, plaster, & stucco repairs. Includes mold and water damage repairs

JMF provides commercial businesses with masonry and concrete installations, replacements, and repairs.

Our services include: concrete grinding, repairs, and replacement. We help businesses maintain a safe and attractive environment for their customers and employees.

Restore your commercial business with our termite and dry rot repairs services. We provide any structural repairs needed and make your property look good as new.

commercial property management

JMF provides roofing services for commercial businesses with qualified technicians, skilled and experienced to help you build, design, and repair roofs.

We offer our clients full service facade upgrades and repairs.

Our paint services include an all interior and exterior surfaces such as stucco, drywall, trim, and wrought iron. With the options of hand brushing, spray painting, and roll painting.

Get the right fencing services you need today with JMF. We provide our clients a wide variety of fencing options such as wrought iron, wood, block, vinyl, and composite.

We help commercial businesses increase the visibility, safety, and security of their workplace with interior & exterior lighting services.

Tenant Improvement
Make your commercial property more attractive. Tailor your commercial property to your existing or ideal tenants. Make improvements and increase the value of your property

Keep tenants from leaving

A tailored commercial property is a unique property that serves the needs of a specific business. The more suitable a property is for a tenant will increase their perceived value of the property and satisfaction. Therefore, tenants will be less likely to leave at the end of a lease and are more likely to renew.

Attract the right tenant for your property

Make specific tenant improvements that are fit to a specific business or industry. For example, attract a restaurant business by building an up to date kitchen in your property. Ultimately, you can use this to your advantage in attracting your ideal tenant.

Make more money

When you deliver or offer a tenant a unique property and experience you are building value. As a result, they will be willing to pay more to lease your commercial property.

Reduced maintenance and repairs

Improvements made to your commercial property will reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs needed in the future. Generally, newer structures and installed equipment last longer than old and used ones.

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