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What is a Construction Job Walk?

What is a Construction Job Walk? JMF Commercial Construction Blogs

If you have ever had a construction project, then more than likely you have a construction job walk with a contractor. A construction job walk is a pre-bidding process, where an estimator or estimators can gain a better understanding of a “potential construction project.” Potential construction projects are projects that are not set in stone, in other words, they are not guaranteed projects. Estimators are individuals that often determine the estimated cost of the projects. They include the scope of work, materials, equipment, permits, inspections, and other expenses in the estimate. Often, estimators are contractors that work for a company or themselves.

Jobs walks are typically done in two different ways. The first option is a single contractor job walk. The alternative is for a multi-contractor job walk.

Single Contractor Job Walks

Single contractor job walks offer clients one on one time with a contractor/estimator. These job walks are usually scheduled by appointment. They tend to start with a meet and greet, which leads to the site inspection and project plans. During this job walk it gives clients the opportunity to ask contractors questions they may have. Such as: the contractor’s relevant experience, their potential concerns about the project, and how they would do the project. Typically, this is an important time for a client to see if a contractor is engaged, has relevant experience, and provides insights for the job. In addition, contractors can ask clients about their project and their company. For instance, the expected deadline for the project, what are they looking for, and to see if the client is concerned about the impact of construction on their business.

Single contractor job walks provide clients and contractors with more clarity with the expectation of the projects. It increases confidence in the client in selecting the right contractor. The contractor has a better understanding of what is expected and need from the project. As a result, a more accurate and competitive bid can be submitted.

Advantages of Single Contractor Job Walks

Before you schedule your next single contractor job walk, it is important consider these advantages. Here is a list of advantages for single contractor job walks:

  • Save on cost: with an accurate bid, you limit unforeseen cost and delays in your project.
  • Relationship building: meeting with a contractor one on one is more personal, it enables conversation without the interruption of competitors.
  • Higher valued walk: single contractor walks provide clients and contractors more value and information, which answers more questions and concerns for both parties.
  • Easier to implement: this process is easier to set up with an appointment and does not require the coordination of multiple parties.
  • Insightful: contractors are more willing to explain solutions to projects when not in front of competitors.

Disadvantages of Single Contractor Job Walks

It is important to consider the disadvantages of single contractor job walks, here is a list of disadvantages.

  • Time consuming: doing a job walk with a contractor can take time, especially if you are meeting with multiple contractors.
  • Limited selection: when comparing single to multi contractor job walks, you are limiting your selection of contractors unless you do several job walks.
  • Only doing one job walk: settling with the first contractor that comes to the door, limits the opportunity to explore other contractors that may be a better option.

Multi-Contractor Job Walks

A multi-contractor job walk is a formal and complex process. Often, contractors are obligated to go to job walks for a project if they want to submit a bid. Before a job walk starts, clients post their project to the public. Contractors that are interested in the project must register to participate. The client will provide contractors with a tour of the construction site and provide them with plans. At this time, clients can compare a pool of contractors all at once. They can see which contractors seem more engaged, knowledgeable, insightful, and professional. In addition, contractors can also see who the competition is for the project.

These job walks include multiple contractors, which causes the interaction between a contractor and client to be less engaged. As a result, this limits the questions/answers a client or contractor may ask/give. Many business owners find multi-contractor job walks beneficial in selecting contractors at in an efficiently timely manner.

Advantages of Multi-Contractor Job Walks

There are many advantages for wanting to have multi-contractor job walks.

  • Variety of selection: project owners can get a pool of eligible contractors to submit estimates
  • Compare and evaluate clients can compare and evaluate all the contractors.
  • Multiple bids: this gives owners more options.
  • Good contractor potential: when you compare and evaluate multiple contractors you are more likely to find a great contractor that stands out.

Disadvantages of Multi-Contractor Job Walks

There are several drawbacks of multi-contractor job walks.

  • Lack of contractor interaction: contractors will hesitate in providing efficient solutions to you during the job walk, may not answer questions fully, and may act a certain way in front of other contractors.
  • Cheaper estimate does not mean better contractor: contractors see their competition, if they have been doing this long, they will know how much they must bid to beat the competition. Ultimately, this is not always the best contractor for the job.
  • Lower value walk: Unlike, single contractor job walks, these job walks are not as interactive or insightful. Not all questions and concerns will be answered.
  • Harder to implement requires the coordination of multiple parties.

Summary of Construction Job Walks

Construction job walks are a common practice among owners and contractors, which provides both parties with insights and information about the construction project. Typically, an owner may just invite one contractor to inspect their property and to look at the plans at a time. The alternative is inviting a pool of contractors to walk the jobsite and review the plans for the project. Each of these job walks have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to look at what type of job walk would work best for you.

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