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How To Select The Right Flooring For Your Commercial Building

How To Select The Right Flooring For Your Commercial Building

One of the most noticeable parts of your commercial property is your floor. The quality and presentation of your floor play a huge role in consumer and employee perception of your brand to preventing unnecessary liability.

For example, if you have a poorly presented environment, then it will send a message to employees and customers that you do not care. In addition, damaged flooring is at higher risk of promoting injuries such as falls.

Not every type of flooring is created equally. Each type of flooring has its own attribute and features such as durability, maintenance, cost, image, and sustainability. Therefore, it is a big deal in selecting the right floor for your commercial business.

There are many flooring options available. To help you not get overwhelmed with all the choices, we have created flooring recommendations for each attribute/feature.


Floors are the most interacted portion of a building. People are constantly appealing pressure to your floor with foot traffic, placing heavy objects, and even spilling various fluids on it. Especially, if you work in a light industrial business, that deals with forklifts, heavy equipment, chemicals, etc. As a result, it can be quite appealing to purchase a more durable floor to help support your commercial business.

Durability is how long your flooring will last in its lifetime. However, some go the extra mile with how much weight and acidic damage it can withstand.

Durable Flooring Types

Here are some durable flooring types we recommend for commercial businesses:

  • Terrazzo
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Vinyl

Each of these flooring types will provide you with a durability experience. However, some of these have complementary features and attributes.

For example, Terrazzo being customizable. Porcelain is worn resistant and easy to maintain. Epoxy is a coating placed over concrete to make it more durable and sanitary. Rubber provides business with noise resistance and provides extra cushion to the floor.


Terrazzo flooring

Porcelain Tile

porcelain tile flooring

Low Maintenance Flooring

One way to keep your maintenance cost low is by choosing the right commercial flooring for your business. Low maintenance flooring usually has the durability of sustaining damage and is easy to clean.

Low maintenance floor is good for businesses trying to maintain a sanitary environment such as hospitals and retirement homes. In addition, many small businesses value the ease of cleaning a floor without having to hire a janitor to do it.

You should pick low maintenance flooring based off your business’s preferences and capabilities of maintaining the floor. Keep in mind that your low maintenance expenses may eventually offset your initial investment.

Low Maintenance Flooring Types

Here is a list of low maintenance floors that we recommend for commercial properties:

  • Terrazzo
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Epoxy (concrete)

Many of these flooring types are low maintenance but can also be complemented by coatings and coverings.


Laminate Flooring

Epoxy (Concrete)

Concrete Epoxy

Cost Effective Flooring

Flooring can be rather expensive, especially if you are working on such a limited budget or on such a large scale.

When selecting flooring you can choose a flooring that is initially cheap when you invest in it, or something that is passively cheap in maintaining. Nevertheless, there are options available to get a affordable flooring that is appealing and fits with your business.

Cost Effective Flooring Types

If you are running on a budget, then take a look out our cost-effective flooring recommendations for commercial properties:

  • Epoxy
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Laminate

Each of these flooring options are cost effective but have their own attributes.

For example, vinyl comes in many forms such as sheet, wood, tile, and plank and is typically inexpensive. Carpets offer the freedom of customization but are not recommended for high traffic areas. Laminate offers commercial businesses style at a low cost.




One of the key decision indicators of you selecting your flooring should be based off your business.

For example, if you are in the hospitality business, then get flooring that is inviting and appealing to your audience. Versus, a more industrial business can get flooring that is more low maintenance and industrial like.

Nevertheless, it is best to use your floor to complement your business and help project your brand to your audience.

Image/Brand Flooring Types

If you are looking to complement your brand and send a message to your customers, then get flooring that will help promote your image:

  • Terrazzo
  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Laminate

Presenting your image is all about promoting your brand whether its by the brand colors, feel of the building, or by the message.

For example, Terrazzo promotes luxury, while hardwood promotes a more classic look. Carpet and Laminate are customizable to fit a brand’s desire.

Vinyl Hardwood

hardwood flooring


Today, there is a growing concern for the environment with society looking to take necessary measures in investing into eco-friendly flooring.

Green floors are created with environment friendly materials and natural components that do not have harmful chemicals, allergens, or irritants.

Sustainable Flooring Types

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly flooring for your commercial property, then take a look at these options:

  • Concrete
  • Ceramic
  • Bamboo and Cork
  • Vinyl

Help promote your corporate responsibility to your environment to your customers. Here are how some of these flooring options stand out.

Concrete is a very cheap and low maintenance. Ceramic is very sustainable with a variety of color options. Bamboo and cork offer commercial properties a variety of finishes and can create a very attractive look to their business.

Bamboo and Cork

Bamboo and Cork Flooring

Summary: Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Business

There are many options of flooring in the market, however you should choose the right one for your business. If done correctly, you can benefit in a floor that complements your business and maximizes its value.

Some key considerations you should consider when evaluating floors is it’s:

  • Durability
  • Required Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Image
  • Sustainability

Your flooring should be unique to your business. Which will help attract and appeal customers, while providing an appropriate and safe work environment for your employees.

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